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MOSCOW, 22 Jul – Hockey Canada reported on an alleged case of sexual abuse by former Canadian youth team players (under 20 years of age) in 2003, according to the organization’s website.
Hockey Canada said it received information Thursday from TSN journalist Rick Westhead about a case of gang sexual violence at the 2003 World Youth Championships.
“Westhead told Hockey Canada that he spoke to several witnesses who provided him with detailed descriptions of the violence, including Conservative MP John Nather, who has the same or similar information,” the statement said.
The organization contacted the regional police of the city of Halifax, which hosted the World Cup matches, and also asked Westhead and his sources to contact the police. Hockey Canada also asked Nater to contact the authorities and turn over any information he received about the crime.
“Hockey Canada is committed to ending the culture of silence in hockey. That is why we are publicly urging anyone with knowledge of this incident to report to the police. We are open about how we learned of this alleged attack, as well as the steps we are taking to address it.” We believe that the alleged incident of 2003 should be investigated by the authorities We call on the police to launch an investigation into this alarming situation Hockey Canada will cooperate with the authorities and support them in every possible way We once again call on all who may have relevant information about this alleged incident, contact the Halifax police immediately,” the statement said.
In mid-July, Hockey Canada reopened its investigation into the scandal involving former youth team players. TSN previously reported that a woman, now 24, filed a lawsuit in the Ontario Supreme Court in April alleging she was repeatedly sexually assaulted in a hotel room in June 2018. Hockey Canada, the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), and eight unnamed CHL players, including members of Canada’s 2018 Under-21 team, were named as defendants in the case. The accusations against the players were not proven in court then, the lawsuit was eventually withdrawn.


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