The disgraced Canadian destroys the NHL. Kane was facing jail, and now he is the best scorer in the playoffs

Dmitry Storozhev

Dmitry Storozhev

How does Evander Kane play in the NHL playoffs?

After today’s hat-trick, Evander has five goals in this Stanley Cup. Are all non-hockey problems over?

Striker Evander Kane has long earned a reputation as one of the most cheeky hockey players of our time. Despite the fact that the Canadian was considered a fairly talented player (in 2009 he was chosen under the overall fourth number), he spent the lion’s share of his talent on near-hockey affairs, now and then getting into various kinds of trouble and even scandals.

A lot of such scandals have accumulated this season – even before the start of the regular season, it became known that Kane was suspected of betting on his own matches. Many of Evander’s partners in San Jose (where he was listed last summer) did not want to play with him, and the player himself even had to leave the anti-racism alliance, to which the striker devoted a lot of time.

Deep in debt and in danger of going to jail.  But no one feels sorry for Kane - he just got everyone
Deep in debt and in danger of going to jail. But no one feels sorry for Kane – he just got everyone

Finally, the icing on the cake was the case of a fake vaccination certificate, due to which Kane received a 21-game suspension in the NHL, spent five games in the Sharks’ farm and was put up for an unconditional waiver draft to terminate his contract. For this violation, Evander was generally threatened with a prison term, but there were no extreme measures.

It would seem that that’s all – Evander’s bad reputation got the better of his hockey skills and the path to the best league in the world was closed to him. However, several clubs have expressed interest in signing the 30-year-old striker.

One of these clubs was Edmonton. Local general manager Ken Holland also developed a reputation for making highly controversial decisions. After signing an agreement with Evander, it only strengthened, but so far, Kane’s affairs in the Oilers are going as well as possible – in 43 regular season games he scored 39 points, and in the playoffs he still shares the title of the club’s top scorer with Connor McDavid.

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Moreover, their leadership after the third match of the series with “Los Angeles”, in which the “kings” were defeated with a score of 2:8, extends to all teams – in addition to Kane and McDavid, only the forward scored six points in this Stanley Cup draw “ Toronto” Mitch Marner.

And Kane himself added to the championship among scorers and the championship in the list of snipers! Today he scored three goals at once, one of which became victorious, brought their total number in the current playoffs to five and took the sole first place in this indicator, removing Kirill Kaprizov from the throne.

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Edmonton has at least two more matches in the first round ahead of them – Evander has the opportunity to replenish his personal account and prove to everyone that his non-hockey problems are behind him.


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