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How many foreigners and in which clubs will play in the KHL in the new season, full alignment


In the new KHL-2022/2023 season, noticeably fewer foreign players will play. Almost all Finns, Czechs, Swedes and Latvians have left, the number of North Americans has noticeably decreased. But some foreigners (mostly Canadians) will not be intimidated by the tense political situation. There are also those who have never played in the KHL before and at the same time can become new stars of our league to replace those who have left. We will definitely not be left without jokers. We collected all the relevant information on legionnaires – who is in which club, who has already arrived at the training camp, and who has not yet joined the team.

Eastern Conference

* – the player is not considered a legionnaire

Club Legionnaires Free legionary vacancies
“Vanguard” Knight (Canada), Yarosh (Slovakia), Boucher, Broadhurst (both US), Swedberg* (Kazakhstan) one
“Motorist” Da Costa (France), Meisek (Germany), Ebert (USA), Blacker*, Valk* (Kazakhstan), Matsson (Sweden), Cormier (Canada) 0
“Admiral” Eliseev (Latvia), Krishtof (Slovakia), Williams (Canada), Szulak (Czech Republic) one
“AK Bars” 5
“Amur” Jordan (Czech Republic), Kalnins (Latvia) 3
“Barys” Wei, Graham (both Canada), Louis, Bracco (both US)
“Metallurgist” Curry, Maye, Lipsik, Pasquale (all from Canada) one
“Neftekhimik” Camara (Canada) four
“Salavat Yulaev” R. Murphy, Ho-Seng (both Canada) 3
“Siberia” Beck, T. Murphy (both Canada), Tchaikovsky (Slovakia) 2
“Tractor” Bailen* (Belarus), Pulkkinen (Finland) 3

Ak Bars became the champion of transfers, Magnitogorsk fell silent. The results of the off-season in the East of the KHL

Avtomobilist is the only team not only in the East, but in the entire KHL, which managed to completely close the legionary positions. There are even more foreigners in the team, but Blacker and Wolf have Kazakh citizenship and are not considered legionnaires. Some of them have already joined the team – this is Cormier, Blacker, Macek and Da Costa. The rest should arrive at the training camp in the near future.

Almost completely recruited legionnaires and “Vanguard”. Left from last season Swedberg and Knightreturned from Lokomotiv Bush plus added two newcomers. Everyone arrived in the team for the training camp, except Knight and Broadhurst Knight has to drive up to the tournament in Sochi.

Almost a complete set and the “Admiral”. Team captain returned Shulak – He became the first Czech in the KHL in the new season. The rest are rookies, including the 2022 Olympic bronze medalist Christoph and Canadian Williamswho previously played in the AHL. Williams and Shulak have already joined the team at the training camp in Minsk.

In general, Ak Bars has no foreigners, but with the set of Russians that they have (Shipachev, Radulov, Voinov, Galiev, etc.), this should not cause a single drop of concern.

There are only two legionnaires in Amur, but it may turn out that by the beginning of the season there will be only one left. It is not clear if the defender will come Jordan, who has performed at Amur for the past five years. “We are in touch with him, no decisions have been made yet,” says Amur head coach Vadim Yepanchintsev. Goalkeeper Kalnins The Latvian Ice Hockey Federation banned him from playing in the KHL, but there should be no problems with his arrival, since transfer cards are issued by the IIHF.

“We don’t need him. Let him get blood money. For the sake of Russia, the goalkeeper became the enemy of Latvia

Barys is famous for its ability to find quality foreigners. This year, three newcomers will play for the Kazakh team at once, as well as Linden Way.

Metallurg managed to save three Canadian strikers who helped the team reach the Gagarin Cup final. And in a couple of Vasily Koshechkin was acquired Pasquale. All the legionnaires went to the team training camp in Minsk.

All legionnaires who played last year left Neftekhimik, and only one newcomer arrived. Anthony Camara at one time he played for the youth team of Canada, but at a professional level he did not jump above the AHL. For the past few years, he has traveled through the European leagues, and now he will make his debut in the KHL. He has already arrived in Nizhnekamsk.

It is probably impossible to replace Hartikainen, Manninen, Larsen and Granlund, but Salavat found new cool foreigners, albeit in smaller numbers. “We are now in the active phase of the search for legionnaires, but we are not in a hurry. For us, there is no goal in itself to take a quota of five foreigners, ”says the general director of the club, Rinat Bashirov.

“Siberia” managed to keep the defenders Murphy and Tchaikovsky, and Beck signed a contract about a week ago. Tchaikovsky is at the training camp with the team, Murphy had to leave the other day due to his father’s illness.

Forward “Tractor” Pulkkinen – the only Finn who was not afraid to stay in the KHL. “He has another year on his contract. He will be back 100%. Teemu is a very adequate guy, ”said his agent Alyosha Pilko. But with Bailenseems to be a problem. The team missed the defender, coming out of vacation. “The team started work on time, and the reasons for Bailen’s absence are incomprehensible to me,” Anvar Gatiyatulin said.

Western conference

* – the player is not considered a legionnaire

Club Legionnaires Free legionary vacancies
“Knight” Mitchell, Roy (both Canada) 3
“Dynamo” M O’Dell, Wil (both Canada) 3
“Dynamo” Minsk Spooner, Kozun, Lalonde, Gilmour (all Canada)
“Locomotive” 5
Severstal Liska (Slovakia), Press (Sweden) 3
SKA Grant (Canada) four
“Spartacus” Varone (Canada), Rybar (Slovakia), Prince* (Belarus) 3
“Torpedo” Agostino (USA) four
“Sochi” Morrow (Canada) four
CSKA Dietz* (Kazakhstan), Klasson, Reideborn (both from Sweden) 3

SKA lost all the leaders, and Kunlun lost all of them. The results of the off-season in the West of the KHL

There are much fewer foreign players in the Western Conference. In Lokomotiv, not a single one, although Igor Nikitin does not rule out that they may appear. “We have two positions that we will strengthen. We are looking. I would not say that we will play without legionnaires – we just have a sufficient number of guys with a Russian passport, enough young people. This is where you need to take advantage of this opportunity. We are looking for attackers. The market is pretty empty right now. At the same time, we are not obsessed with the fact that we must definitely find someone. We are ready to start the season and work with those who are now in the team,” said the head coach of Yaroslavl.

“Kunlun” has only recently decided on the coaching staff, but the line-up has not yet been recruited. The head of the KHL, Alexei Morozov, said the day before that the Chinese team should start training on August 1, by which time the squad should be.

Most legionnaires are in Dynamo Minsk. Everyone has played in the KHL before, and Gilmour last season won the Gagarin Cup with CSKA, but terminated the contract with the army team and changed clubs. Lalonde is already working at the training camp, and the rest of the legionnaires will arrive in the team later.

“Vityaz” lost Odettewith whom the contract was extended only in May, but has recently been strengthened by two Canadians and should sign a contract with another – Tyler Graowac.

Severstal retained two of the five legionnaires by extending contracts with Lischkoy and Press. The Slovak striker has already arrived in Cherepovets, and Press will soon join the team. “Will more foreigners be signed? There is money. First, whether the foreigner has a desire to come to Russia. Secondly, the desire to play in the KHL,” said Nikolai Kanakov, director of Severstal.

SKA, where traditionally they always try to fill legionnaire vacancies to the maximum, is approaching this season with only one foreigner. Grant is already training with the team in Novogorsk.

Two foreigners from the champion squad remained in CSKA – Reideborn and Dietzand added a defender classon, who had previously played in the Tampa system. Reideborn and Dietz are in Moscow, Klasson will join the army team at the training camp in Minsk when he receives a visa.

“Spartak” has not yet completed the recruitment of legionnaires, the club must replenish the defender of the “Carolina” system Joey Keene. Recently signed a contract with a striker Varone – he has not yet managed to fly to Moscow, as the process of processing the necessary documents is underway. Prince and Rybar already in place.

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“Spartak” will sign a contract with the defender of “Carolina” Keane

In the Moscow “Dynamo” remained Eric O’Delland also added Jordan Wheel. Both players are not yet in Moscow, the first solves visa issues, and the second stayed at home due to the birth of his wife. A similar situation in Sochi with Joe Morrowwho is in the process of obtaining a visa.

Torpedo has only one legionnaire (except for the Japanese Sato, who is on trial) – Agostinobut its future remains unclear. The American is listed in the team, but there are doubts that he will return to the KHL.


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