How much will Russian players Nichushkin, Mikheev, Zadorov and Svechnikov earn in the NHL

Hold your pocket wider. 5 Russian NHL players who will get richer this summer

Egor Bulchuk

How much will the Russians earn in the NHL

Will Nichushkin get more in the same place, and Mikheev will have to leave the most hockey city in Canada?

In less than two weeks, on July 13, the free agent market opens in the NHL. On this day, 11 Russian hockey players end their existing contracts. The “Championship” tells about those of them who, with their game in the season ended, deserved a salary increase.

Valery Nichushkin, 27 years old

A native of Chelyabinsk made a significant contribution to the final victory of the Colorado. Valery Nichushkin found his place in Jared Bednar’s system and became one of the best two-way forwards in the league. The Russian looked great in both special teams, threw, gave passes, carried out power moves, selflessly went to the penny and forechecking – all this the forward did for $ 2.5 million a year.

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“With his performance, Nichushkin made a lot of money under the new agreement,” NBC Sports journalist Adam Gretz said the day before. ESPN columnist Kristen Shilton is sure that the task of extending Valery is paramount for the newly minted Stanley Cup winners. Colorado should raise wages,” Shilton said. “Nichushkin is perfect for Avalanches and will be more accessible than Nazem Kadri, who will also enter the free agency market. Nichushkin tried on the role of leader when Kadri was eliminated at the end of the playoffs, he is four years younger than Kadri. In the person of Nichushkin, Colorado gets a classy and tall player who has room to grow. General manager Joe Sakic knows what to do.”

Ilya Mikheev, 27 years old

The same age as Nichushkin – Ilya Mikheev – stopped with his “Toronto” at the stage of the first round of the playoffs. But the team’s failure did not hide the attacker’s individual progress. Mikheev spent his best season in his overseas career. In 53 regular season games, he scored 32 points, including 21 goals, and reached the +17 utility indicator. At the same time, Mikheev’s playing time did not increase compared to the previous two years and, with rare exceptions, did not exceed 16 minutes per match.

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TSN insider Pierre Lebrun claims that the Maple Leafs do not intend to fight for the hockey player and have already informed their competitors about their readiness to exchange the rights for him. In Toronto, Mikheev’s cap hit was $1.645 million. ESPN journalist Greg Vyshinsky suggests that the Russian may demand up to $5 million from a new employer.

Ilya Mikheev

Ilya Mikheev


Nikita Zadorov, 27 years old

The Calgary Calgary guard is one of those who is always visible both on and off the ice. He has long and loudly declared himself in the NHL, but it was in the last season that he played the way or about the way that was expected of him many years before.

“His 22 points in 74 games was a career high and this is a rare occasion when a defender has made up for his admittedly less-than-stellar defensive performance with an offense. It is probably better to play in the third pair in a good team than in the second pair in a bad one, ”decided the same Vyshinsky.

The rebirth of a Russian big man in Canada.  Zadorov is the best in the NHL in advanced statistics
The rebirth of a Russian big man in Canada. Zadorov is the best in the NHL in advanced statistics

Zadorov can hardly count on a significant increase to the current salary – this year he received quite a solid $ 3.75 million. However, there is no doubt that the defender earned the right to several hundred thousand more. The fact that he went on the ice in the playoffs with three broken ribs is also unlikely to go unappreciated.

Yakov Trenin, 25 years old

The Nashville forward played a full season in the NHL for the first time. Yakov Trenin played 80 games in the regular season and scored 17 goals – for comparison, Artemy Panarin has only five more. In addition, Trenin became one of the few who tried to resist Colorado in the first round of the playoffs. In four matches, the Russian scored three times.

Yakov Trenin

Yakov Trenin


According to Yakov’s rep, the Predators have a high opinion of Trenin’s performance and are in talks with him to continue working with him. Without a pay rise, the striker is unlikely to agree – for each of the previous two seasons, he earned only $ 725 thousand.

Evgeny Svechnikov, 25 years old

The brother of the Carolina star moved from Detroit to Winnipeg before the start of last season and was also able to show the best numbers of his career. Evgeniy Svechnikov took part in 72 matches, scored seven goals and scored 19 points, which is almost twice as many as in the last four years. The striker, who will become a restricted free agent in July, cost the Jets $750,000, and now they will likely have to find funds for at least a token increase.

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