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How not to depend on circumstances – 5 important rules


5 rules to help you become independent of circumstances

Marina Shakina

These simple skills will allow you to stick to the plan.

There are situations and time intervals in life when not all decisions are made by us. Even in such cases, you can use certain techniques that will not allow everything to go by itself.

In any incomprehensible situation, I adhere to five basic rules.

The first rule is to limit the information consumed.. We learn about external circumstances from specific sources, and here we need to answer ourselves the questions: with whom do I communicate, where do I get information, is it verified and do I need it. With the speed of life processes that we have now, a person can fall into the FOMO syndrome (from the English fear of missing out) – this is the fear of lost profits, the fear of being left in the dark and missing something.

This state leads us into uncontrolled consumption of content that distracts from our own lives. Here it is important to track how you react to incoming information. If something knocks out of an effective state, then the best solution would be to create an information vacuum for a while.

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The second rule is to give yourself quality rest. This is what we do not allow ourselves now, for the most part, again because of the fear of not having time to achieve some results. But this is an illusion, because it is high-quality rest and, as a result, a relaxed body that gives us a greater resource for generating ideas and bringing them to life.

The third rule is to calm the mind. It is the restless mind that prevents us from resting. And quality rest is not about lying down physically, but at the same time continuing to scroll through social networks or read professional literature. Rest should be both at the level of the body and at the level of the mind.

Various methods are suitable here, and everyone can choose something of their own: meditation, walks, time alone with yourself. In a state of calm and clear mind, we are able to determine which ideas are really ours and what needs to be implemented, and which ones will simply take attention and energy.

The fourth rule is to look for personal ways to fill the resource. For some, it will be walking in the park or contemplating running clouds lying on the grass, and someone is energized when they go out into the world and communicate with people. When a person directs attention to his condition, the focus shifts from external circumstances to internal processes.

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The fifth rule is to listen to the inner voice and develop intuition. If all the previous points can be implemented, then the latter will be built in very easily. It will help you to hear yourself: what do I want, what is important for me, where should I move. Concentrating on your feelings and desires will allow you to gain a state of inner peace and confidence, regardless of external circumstances.

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