The Olympic season turned out to be very eventful for our skaters. Exhausting workouts, nerves, pain and tears of joy, and sometimes grief at competitions, fatigue after the most difficult elements – all for the sake of medals, victories and records. The girls did an excellent job and deserved an award for it – a vacation at the best resorts in the world.

But the athletes did not forget about their loyal fans, delighting them with breathtaking photographs in swimsuits. The beauty of Russian women is breathtaking and hearts melt!

Tuktamysheva pleased with hot shots

The diligence and perseverance of Elizabeth Tuktamysheva can only be envied. At 25, the figure skater does not give up and is a worthy competitor to the younger generation. Even despite the fact that the third campaign for the dream of the Olympic Games turned out to be a failure, Lisa can and should be equal. During the season, the athlete looked like a favorite in the fight for a ticket to Beijing, and only an unfortunate mistake in the short program at the Russian Championships deprived Tuktamysheva of the opportunity to go to China.

Nevertheless, a student of Alexei Mishin did not lose heart and made a powerful bid for the next four-year cycle. After the end of the official starts, she returned to training and restored the quadruple toe loop, showing a video with a perfect landing of the element. What can I say – Lisa is inimitable!

It is not surprising that after such crazy loads, the skater needed to have a good rest, rewarding herself for performing a super jump. Lisa went to the Maldives, from where she pleased the fans with hot photos in a swimsuit.

“I spend most of my life on frozen water, you can’t imagine what happiness it is to be in warm water,” Tuktamysheva admitted on her social networks.

Zagitova had fun in the Maldives and celebrated her birthday in Dubai

The company of the Empress in the Maldives was Evgenia Tarasova, but Alina Zagitova spent her holidays on the islands all alone, preferring to be in harmony with herself. The Olympic champion spent the weekend usefully: she tried her hand at tennis, worked out in the gym and sunbathed on the beach, filling her body with vitamin D. Then the skater decided to change the situation and went to Dubai, where she was warmly welcomed by Anna Shcherbakova and Daria Usacheva.

Being in rehabilitation after a serious injury, Dasha looked very happy and shared her emotions with the fans, filming vlogs about the travels of athletes. Together with Anya, they celebrated Alina’s twentieth birthday by arranging boat trips on a yacht. Zagitova did not remain in debt and thanked her friends for their many years of help and support.

“Happy birthday to me! A magical holiday next to wonderful people in a wonderful place! What else can you dream of? To be honest, 20 years have gone by very quickly. Although during this time there were so many unrealistic events. I remember each one, but even one huge post is not enough to list everything!” she wrote.

Sinitsina sunbathes with Katsalapov in Dubai

Silver medalists of the Beijing Olympics Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov are also resting together. Skaters are preparing to make the most important decision of their career: after the triumph in China, they can leave the sport, although they have a desire to perform even at domestic starts. The couple’s coach Alexander Zhulin is sure that the vacation will help Vika and Nikita make their choice, but it’s too early to talk about it. While the guys are enjoying each other’s company under the scorching sun in Dubai.

How long have I been waiting for a vacation! We swim, sunbathe and walk a lot!” – Katsalapov was delighted with such a pastime.

Solidarity with him and his partner: Sinitsina said that she was finally able to read the book she liked, and also learned to ride a horse, which had long been in her plans. Of course, there was a photo report, where Vika looks simply amazing.

“The belly is tanned,” the athlete mocked, showing a sexy photo in a black swimsuit.

Charming Boykov and Samodurov

Alexandra Boykova delighted fans with hot photos from a holiday in the Maldives. Pupil Tamara Moskvina was finally able to relax after a difficult Olympic season. You can’t take your eyes off the “sun-kissed” European champion!

Breathtaking from the magnificent Sophia Samodurova. The student of Alexei Mishin traditionally knows a lot about how to intrigue the public.

Moreover, Sonya managed to do this not only with the help of spectacular photos on social networks, but also with a loud statement: the skater has completed her sports career and will now try her hand at coaching. It will be very interesting to watch her achievements in a new field.

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