How to deal with apathy and bad mood to improve your day

What to do if you feel apathy? Simple ways to feel better

During this period, it is important to take care of yourself, but you need to do it right.

Our mood and inner peace depend on many factors, which, in turn, may depend on ourselves – or not. In the second case, it remains only to maintain balance. We have put together some tips on how to escape from apathy, anxiety and make any day a little better.

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How do you get yourself back into mode and get yourself to do something when things go wrong?

There are three ways to improve the condition that most help me cope with difficult periods.

  • First of all, walk and immerse yourself in good memories. Thus, we contribute to the production of endorphins.
  • Just say to yourself, as King Solomon said, “This too shall pass.”
  • Find at least five things that were good about the day. For example: I woke up, I am healthy, I have arms and legs, I have finances, hobbies, etc.

But there are other methods that may be right for you.

How not to succumb to apathy

Apathy is a state of the psyche, which is characterized by a complete absence or a sharp decrease in aspirations and interests, depression of emotions, as well as indifference to ongoing events and people around.

The only thing you can do for yourself in circumstances beyond your control is to take care of yourself.

Basic care starts with the body. The mode of sleep and rest is the main and simplest thing to build in order to feel better. This seems to go without saying, and many people simply don’t consider this factor in stress prevention. Meanwhile, healthy sleep is the basis for restoring the body.

Move more, movement is the body’s way of coping with stress. You can start by cleaning, giving away unnecessary things, or sorting out those that are put away in the closet for the season. Then do exercises or a full workout. Running, Nordic walking, swimming, fitness. The practice of qigong or yoga helps a lot.

The manifestation of negative emotions through training will help to avoid unpleasant consequences. Read more about this at the link below.

In a healthy body healthy mind? How does sport relate to mood?

Notice what you like about people, events, and this day. The importance of cognitive attitudes for the prevention of stress is devoted to a huge number of scientific works. If you manage to focus on something positive, it triggers new neural connections in the brain and opens up the inner resources of the psyche.

Create healthy daily rituals that will distract you from the state of apathy. For example, try performing habitual actions with your left hand (this is how neural connections change) or read a few pages of a paper book before bed.

8 ways to make today better:

  • do not forget about basic needs – food, sleep and hugs on a schedule;
  • do not abuse drugs that affect the psyche;
  • do not isolate yourself from loved ones, it is easier to survive a difficult period together;
  • do not blame yourself for apathy and lack of desire for life;
  • bring novelty and vivid impressions to the day – even a walk in the park can be enough;
  • do a general cleaning in the house, this will clear the space and thoughts;
  • keep a balance of work and rest, take breaks and set feasible tasks – at least for tomorrow;
  • focus on breathing, now you can find many breathing practices in the public domain.

We discussed some of them in the previous article.

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