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Why is it harder for men to lose weight?

Men in my weight management program make up no more than a quarter of the participants – a statistic that has been repeated, alas, for many years. The main reason is considered to be the fact that men, in principle, rarely seek medical and psychological help. They turn only when there is nowhere to go, having managed to accumulate a lot of diseases associated with weight. This is partly why fewer women live. And overweight men are often much smaller – on average by 10-12 years.

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In addition, the very thoughts that the load of one’s own body has become unbearable appear too late. Modern social norms “strain” the female half of humanity, emphasizing that a woman should be elegant, slim, mobile, but this is not required of men. The head of the family, the leader – all these are images associated with solidity, “weightiness”, slowness … Such a norm!

Statistically, the level of overweight and obesity is growing rapidly, doctors are sounding the alarm, the state is forced to spend huge amounts of money. Cardiovascular, diabetes, liver damage shorten our already difficult life. Moreover, it is more difficult for a man – he is busy! He works! He is responsible for others, and this is not a “boyish” business – taking care of himself. At best, a man will think about his brutality and go to the gym. Better than nothing, but alas, not enough.

For example, how to get rid of the stomach, described in the material below.

How to get rid of a beer belly with one exercise
How to get rid of a beer belly with one exercise

How to start losing weight for a man

Modern approaches to weight loss include the control of diet and calorie consumption, physical activity and the fight against insulin resistance (the scourge of our time, which leads to many diseases). Proper, harmless weight management is a science. This is a multidisciplinary task that requires the participation of different specialists. And an attempt to make an independent decision (I’m a man, I can handle it!) Most often does not give an effect.

The “dietary” approach brings great harm: any temporary restriction leads to a return, and sometimes to an increase in body weight. But if a man is “ripe” and has made a decision, the likelihood that he will methodically and slowly (only this is necessary) will go towards the realization of the goal is great.

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By the way, goal setting also requires thoughtfulness. Many people name a beautiful, round value on the scales, although they cannot explain their choice. I try to offer as target values ​​those numbers at which a person was once comfortable. Then the very feeling of former lightness and joy becomes that “carrot” that you reach for. I am convinced that with a well-set goal, no additional motivation is required, and helping in this is also the task of a specialist. Set the right goals!

How can a man eat right?

count calories

Whatever reasons led to weight gain, you will have to count calories. To calculate the required calorie content of the diet, there are special formulas, for men they have their own. In modern life, applications in smartphones are usually involved in accounting, but you need to enter information there (how much you ate and what) on your own. And this means that you have to know the weight and composition (at least the name) of the dish.

According to my observations, men are more likely to use catering. On the one hand, this makes the task easier: you can always find out both the weight of the portion and the calorie content of the dish. On the other hand, asking takes a certain amount of courage, and forming the habit of asking takes time. If a man is having dinner with a group, it can be embarrassing to ask. I always advise my desire to lose weight to “raise to the banner”, to be proud of it. I have students who voiced it publicly, made a bet that they would achieve what they wanted! Public approval (and often admiration) will warm, and the bet will motivate.

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At home, the habit of weighing and accounting is formed faster. There is another way, and men use it quite often – to order a ready-made diet from a specialist, based on taste preferences, the required calorie content and existing health restrictions. Usually such a diet is compiled for a month – a list of necessary products and recipes are attached to it. Anyone can do it!

In general, men are easier. They tend to be smarter about calorie counting, less impulsive, and more stress-resistant. Culinary pickiness also works in a plus. If the goal is formulated correctly, the slogan “I see the goal, I see no obstacles” is about us!

Form a habit

We decided how much to eat, chose a comfortable way of control for ourselves – and go ahead! The first couple of weeks is usually spent getting used to keeping a food diary. It happens that this alone is enough to start losing weight. We don’t even know how much we eat without noticing. Two sandwiches with butter and sausage and sweet tea – about 500 kcal. To neutralize them, you need to run almost 10 km. How many of us run that much every day?

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Don’t pressure yourself

Men are impressionable people, appetite decreases! The habit of control is the first step. And then, slowly, very little by little, we reach the target calorie values. Definitely kind and gentle. Firstly, violence against oneself and a feeling of hunger will not allow one to limit oneself for a long time, and a breakdown will occur.

Secondly, if you reduce the calorie content sharply, the body will switch to an economical mode, and you will not be able to lose weight. The maximum calorie reduction is 200 kcal per week. And that is if you are comfortable. The maximum allowable weight loss per week is 400-450 g. If it takes more, then it’s not due to fat, but we don’t need it.

Thirdly, a significant lack of calories increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol and reduces testosterone. The man will become nervous, sleep and libido will be disturbed. We don’t need it!

Why you constantly want to sleep, we explain in our article.

6 reasons why you want to sleep, even if you get enough sleep
6 reasons why you want to sleep, even if you get enough sleep

Pass a medical examination

It’s all about calories. Its control is absolutely necessary, but it is not enough. Before starting work, I always send my students for medical diagnostics. The main task is to assess the level of insulin resistance. If insulin values ​​are high, the body, even with a calorie deficit, will find something to store as fat.

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The severity of liver damage, disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, inflammatory reactions, atherosclerotic process are also evaluated. Laboratory diagnostics allows you to designate the starting point (to which the man managed to sink) and will serve as a measurable criterion for the effectiveness of working on himself. A man, as a rule, has little feeling that as he loses weight, he began to feel better. He needs objective confirmation of movement in the right direction!

The only non-drug way to cope with insulin resistance is to change the rhythm of eating, increase the intervals between meals, switch to interval nutrition. This is also the healthiest and most effective way to lose those extra pounds. It is so simple and effective that I have observed diabetic patients who have managed to stop insulin in this way.

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