From the point of view of psychology, it is not enough just to think and fantasize about the goal – it needs to be formulated. Putting desires in writing, we give them specifics and conclude a kind of agreement with ourselves. How to do it right, says the expert.

Katerina Alekseenko

Katerina Alekseenko

co-founder of the communication agency KK PR

Tells you how to prioritize your life using a list of goals and desires.

What is Bucket List?

Bucket List is a list of things to do while you are alive. This is closer to a list of cherished desires than a list of goals. And these are not ordinary desires, but those, the implementation of which will make you better and happier.

In other words, it is a list of what you want to see, learn, try, do and feel in your life. The Bucket List helps to give life a certain direction and set landmarks. And the presence of such a list helps to correctly formulate life goals and live your own life.


Excellent about the principle of the Bucket List is told in the films “Knockin’ on Heaven” (1997), “My Life Without Me” (2003), “Until I played the box” (2007) (the original title of the film sounds like The Bucket List), ” 30 Crazy Wishes (2018) and Life in a Year (2020).

Photo: frame from the film “Until I played in the box”

But here the directors show mostly tragic stories: more often, the characters learn about their incurable disease, so they decide before they die to fulfill their most cherished and somewhat insane desires. We are talking about the Bucket List of a healthy person.

What is important to consider when compiling a list

Be honest with yourself

The key point in formulating a desire is its sincerity. Therefore, it is definitely worth checking whether this desire is yours, why it is important for you, how you yourself and your life will change after its fulfillment, what you will feel.

Write down only what is important

When compiling a Bucket List, you can let your imagination run wild. Include in the list of desires from small to large, but at the same time try not to be too far removed from reality.


To make the list work and be a helpful tool for you, include desires that can be realized in it.

Follow your dream

At the same time, it is better not to include too mundane items in the list, for example, “buy a new TV”. The Bucket List is designed to inspire, which is why it should be made up of wishes that, if fulfilled, will actually improve your life. Do not confuse it with a to-do list for a year / month or a wish list of birthday gifts.

Don’t limit yourself

Recognize the fact that the list is not definitive. Chances are, your Bucket List will change just as you change, and what was relevant to you at 20 may not be as relevant at 40. Therefore, periodically check the list for relevance.


And this understanding will help you reduce the degree of importance of this ritual. Understand that compiling a list is not like signing a contract with blood – everything is much simpler and more interesting. Everything is solely for your benefit and your happiness.

Publish your Bucket List

Share it on social networks, your blog, or just read it to your close friends and family. It is very important:

  • firstly, it will help you make a stronger agreement and take responsibility for your desires. So you are more likely not to merge with this topic, because you will have witnesses;
  • secondly, you will receive a support group that can help you fulfill your desires;
  • thirdly, it will enable people from your close circle to learn more about you and, to a certain extent, help improve relations with them.

Compiling a Bucket List is a valuable and effective self-discovery tool that can make life more fulfilling and magical. After all, when you begin to fulfill your life desires, you will feel that this world is favorable to you and that you yourself are the creators of your own happiness.

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