For several years now, online shopping has been an essential part of the fashion industry, as well as one of the main sales channels for brands. This was facilitated by the year of the pandemic and the obvious convenience of this method of shopping: without leaving home, you can choose a product, get it at a convenient time and, if something goes wrong, return it to the store.

We have put together a few tips on how to buy online safely and without mistakes.

Find a trusted store

There is an opinion that on the Internet it is very easy to run into scammers or low-quality service. There is some truth in this, but you can try to avoid trouble if you know some facts:


  • all the details must be indicated on the site – the address of the seller, the place of manufacture of the goods, the full trade name of the seller or manufacturer. This is mandatory for all official representatives with whom brands work;
  • the site is obliged to obtain consent to the collection and processing of personal data and not disclose them to third parties. This is the same pop-up window that often bothers us;
  • be critical of online stores that offer too cheap goods, especially branded ones, no one will work at a loss;
  • take advice: friends, colleagues, or some bloggers you trust can share their experiences. You can even create a note on your phone, in which you can write down verified resources and refer to it if necessary;
  • some brands on their official websites list all the resellers they work with directly. This will be a direct confirmation of the authenticity of the goods. In addition, you can always request a certificate of authenticity from the online store.

Feel free to read reviews

Almost every self-respecting platform allows the user to leave a review about the purchase, as well as attach a photo or video to it. It is here that you can learn a lot of interesting things about the product: is everything in order with the fittings, is the size really small, does the color match the one stated in the picture.


All advertising photos on the sites are retouched: the color is corrected, minor flaws can be covered up. Therefore, in order to avoid the gap between expectations and reality, refer to reviews with photos.

However, not all reviews are user reviews, we live in a world of fakes: pay attention to the user profile, the scale of his review and the date of registration on the site.

Don’t rely on conventional sizing charts

The most important thing to do is to know exactly your parameters. Different designers and brands use different sizing. Even buying from one brand, you can not guess.

It will never be superfluous to have measurements by which you can easily navigate: height, chest, waist and hips, length and width of the foot. The measurements obtained help to independently determine the size of clothing using the tables attached to each specific item.


To choose the right accessories, you also need to take measurements: for a belt – waist circumference, for gloves – palm circumference, for a headdress – head circumference.

These simple manipulations will reduce the likelihood of a return to a minimum. And if the store has convenient return conditions, then you should not worry about the size: order two or three sizes at once to be sure to choose the right one.

Do not look at how the thing sits on the model

An advertising photograph for a catalog is a separate skill: specially exposed light, a winning angle, retouching, a bunch of devices that make the picture more advantageous, but remain behind the scenes. In order not to be disappointed in the product received.


Evaluate the thing, not the picture. Often, stores will use nice fashion combinations to attract a buyer and sell him the whole image, but you need a separate product. Think about what you will wear it with.

Don’t miss out on materials

It is better to immediately study the composition and be prepared for the fact that the thing may lose its original appearance. To minimize the risks, it is worth studying the product description on the site in detail.

Having received a thing from an online store, you need to check not only the composition, but also the care instructions. Is it machine washable or dry only? Can I bleach or not? How should it be dried? At what temperature to iron? If you can’t find answers to these questions, it’s best to contact an online consultant before the purchase is ready to ship.

A few more simple tips

  • Please read the shipping and return information carefully. At this stage, it is especially important to peer at everything that is indicated under the asterisk or written in small print;
  • if you are ordering from abroad, please read all legal information;
  • compare: sometimes the price on marketplaces will be lower than on the official website of the brand. This is fine;


  • use cashback services and promotional codes. Despite the “pop”, they still work and can pleasantly reduce the price of the goods;
  • pay attention to those same pop-ups on sites. Usually, online stores offer new customers a good discount on their first purchase.

We hope that these simple tips will help make your online shopping profitable and safe.

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