How to understand by the face that you have kidney problems, the doctor said

How to tell by your face that you have kidney problems

Pay attention to even the smallest changes.

How to recognize kidney problems by external signs? What to pay attention to?

We deal with the doctor.

Appearance and health are closely related. No cosmetics and superficial procedures will help get rid of imperfections if the problem lies deep inside. In addition, superficial changes may signal emerging diseases before other symptoms.

<a href="">Irina Yuzup</a>” title=”<a href="">Irina Yuzup</a>“/></div><p>Candidate of Medical Sciences, pediatrician, nutritionist, co-founder of the UniProf Academy of Physicians</p><p class=What signs to look out for? What external symptoms indicate problems with the kidneys?


Kidney problems are manifested on the face by swelling of the lower eyelids. But sometimes peculiar “pockets” form under the eyes in response to lesions of the small intestine – the doctor will help to establish the exact cause.


In general, in terms of diagnosis, the face is very “informative”. For example, swelling is characteristic not only for kidney pathology, but also for the syndrome of exhausted adrenal glands, overwork.

Blue under the eyes

Especially after waking up. This is a sign of poor or poor filtration of fluid by the kidneys. It can also talk about the “clogging” of the body’s drainage system with sticky substances of immunoglobulins – a reaction to inappropriate food.

Dry skin

Excessive dryness of the skin, including on the face, indicates violations of the drinking regime and the functioning of the excretory system.

Increased skin moisture

This may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency or poisoning. Which, in turn, is associated with problems of the excretory system.


Language changes

In addition to the face, it is worth paying attention to the language. A change in the shape of the taste buds, a “geographic tongue” (covered with bright red spots with a white rim), cracks will tell about many pathologies. Changes in the root of the tongue indicate problems with the kidneys and bladder.

Ear changes

Ears serve as an indicator of the health of the kidneys in terms of oriental medicine. A strong cartilage of the shell indicates the genetic health of the kidneys, and a soft shell or its dysplasia – a predisposition to problems of the urinary system.

What other problems can external changes talk about, they told in the material.

What health problems can be recognized by external signs?
What health problems can be recognized by external signs?

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