“I quit football, walked around with a gun and thought only of revenge.” Nicholson from Spartak told about himself: how his father was killed, how he met with Bolt

Supports Arsenal, lived on the street next to Bob Marley’s house.

At the end of December, Spartak signed 24-year-old Jamaican striker Shamar Nicholson. The Jamaican’s statistics give cause for optimism: in 83 matches for Charleroi, he scored 31 goals and gave 11 assists. Shamar recently gave an interview to the press service of Spartak.

We have chosen the most interesting.

Nicholson grew up near where Bob Marley lived.
“I’m from Kingston, from the Trenchtown area. The streets are numbered there: first, second, third, and so on. Bob Marley grew up on the first one and I grew up on the second one, so it’s very close. I jumped over the fence and found myself in a common yard. Trenchtown is full of talent: musicians, footballers and more. This place has given the world a lot of bright people.

I am well acquainted with one of his [Bob Marley’s] sons. In addition, I grew up near the famous Culture Yard and from childhood I knew literally every corner there.

Nicholson’s father was shot right at the stadium – after that he could not recover for a long time and was looking for revenge
“My father was a good and family man. When he died, it was a huge loss for our family. The event had a profound effect on many of us. He was killed shortly before Christmas. December 23, and Christmas in Jamaica is celebrated on the 25th. And these days it is customary to be close to loved ones. Everyone tries to be together in the morning. And that day there was a football match of my team – Boys Town.

When dad came to the game, I was already at the stadium. And when he came in, for some reason I began to look only at him. I stopped watching football and saw only dad for about ten minutes. I do not know why. Never before had I looked at him like that. After some time, I was distracted by the game and lost sight of my father. I turned in the other direction, saw him and again began to watch the match. Literally a minute later I caught his eye already on the other side of the field and again began to observe.

After the match, my friends and I were about to go out when shots began to sound. I said to a friend, “Wow, looks like someone grabbed the bullets.” I didn’t know then that they were shooting at my father. At such moments, the crowd always runs to the sound of gunshots. They do not scatter, but rather want to see what happened. We also ran, like everyone who was at the stadium. I was probably fifty meters away when I saw that it was my dad. And immediately turned away.

What followed was a very difficult time for me. I didn’t play football for about a year and a half. It was very hard. That day was one of the worst in my life, because my dad and I were very close. I gave up football and gave up everything good. I only thought about the bad.

I hung out with gangsters and walked around with a gun. In Jamaica, this is found at every step, it is very easy to get a weapon. I stopped sleeping at my mother’s house. Do you know what insomnia is? I couldn’t fall asleep until the morning, and it was like that all the time.

After that, he fell into depression, thinking only about revenge. Again, that’s how it is in Jamaica. When something like this happens, the child begins to want revenge. My family and friends helped me. They knew about my possibilities in football and began to convince me that revenge would not work. That I should focus on what I love. So that my father can be proud of me. It was difficult for me to perceive it: I heard their words, but immediately forgot. There was only negativity in my head. It went in one ear and out the other.

Then I moved to another part of the country – to Portmore. Donkey there for a long time. It was only then that I began to realize that what I was doing could only take me to two places: a cemetery or a prison. And he began to focus on football again. And the thought of my father was my motivation. Since then, every time I think that my strength has run out and I can’t grow further, I remember my dad and promise myself to overcome all difficulties for him.”

More than once crossed paths with Usain Bolt and is a fan of Arsenal (Idol – Thierry Henry)
“Many times [seen with Usain Bolt]! One of my coaches, Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner, who played at Worlds ’98, by the way, is a close friend of Bolt’s, so we saw each other a lot. Even on the last evening before flying to Russia, I crossed paths with Usain.

I am a fan of Arsenal London – it has been like this since childhood. English football is very popular in Jamaica. If you ask any child what team he wants to play for, he will name the English team. This is due to the fact that before independence, Jamaica was controlled by Great Britain. So I have been rooting for Arsenal since childhood.

I was very close to my aunt and she watched Arsenal games all the time. I also saw them often and eventually fell in love with this team. A lot of it has to do with the style of the game. He looked like Barcelona back then. It was very cool. That’s how it started.

First my idol was Thierry Henry and then Mesut Ozil. But Henri was the main star, that’s for sure. Including thanks to him, I then made a choice. Yes, it’s a dream [to be in the Premier League]. Maybe one day it will come true.”

Impressed by Spartak’s victories over Leicester and Napoli
“In Jamaica, they follow the Champions League and European football in general. When I learned about Spartak’s interest, I remembered that I saw this team in the Europa League. I have never played in the Europa League. Only in qualifying, but not in the group. And then I began to study the information about the club in more detail.

And then I look: wow, Spartak beat Leicester and Napoli! Then I decided that the transition to Spartak was a great opportunity to become even stronger, to show myself at a higher level. And I said, “OK! I’m ready to try.”

Last year, the team took second place in the Russian Championship. I learned that this is the most titled club in the country. And even though now we occupy only the ninth place, I tried to focus on the positive aspects. There are always ups and downs in football, that’s normal. I studied everything, read about Moscow. Before that, I had only been to Russia once. In Ufa”.

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