In America, a new club is being selected for Malkin. Negotiations with “Pittsburgh” will not lead to anything?

Egor Bulchuk

In America, they select a new club for Malkin

The Penguins are ready to step up communication with the 35-year-old forward only after they come to an agreement with his partner and peer.

The story of the new contract of Evgeni Malkin in the NHL acquires more and more new details. On the eve of The Athletic journalist Rob Rossi told how the future of the striker is looked at in Pittsburgh. According to an insider, the club’s managers see it as their top priority to reach an agreement with defender Chris Letang, whose deal, like Malkin’s, expires this summer. Until the parties come to a compromise, negotiations with the Russian will be put on hold.

At the same time, according to Rossi, the new owner of the franchise – Fenway Sports Group (FSG) – expects that not only Letang, but also Malkin will continue to play for the club until their last matches in the league. However, there is no news in this – back in mid-May, general manager Ron Hextall publicly announced such intentions: “We would like to extend the contracts with both players. We would like to keep Gino as a Pittsburgh player for the rest of his career, and it’s the same with Letang. They are both great athletes who have been here for a long time and are now performing at a high level.”

Evgeni Malkin vs. Dmitry Orlov

Evgeni Malkin vs. Dmitry Orlov

Photo: Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

But Rossi adds: By keeping Letang and Malkin, Pittsburgh will keep Sidney Crosby for the rest of their careers. The Canadian, who has tremendous authority in the club, does not want to part with reliable partners and old friends. Rossi is confident that the Penguins management keeps the captain up to date with negotiations with his star teammates. Exactly one month ago, other insiders reported that Crosby was unhappy with the terms the executives offered Letang and Malkin. At that time, most of the media were talking about the same agreements for everyone – three years with a $ 5 million cap hit. At the same time, insider Elliott Friedman stated that the Penguins were ready to lay out a four-year contract with a $ 7.25 million cap hit – the same amount spelled out in his current employment contract. In this case, however, it is not entirely clear what confuses Letang and why he still has not put a decisive signature.

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Crosby unhappy with contract offers Pittsburgh made to Malkin and Letang

While Letang is silent, Malkin managed to convey his own position to a wide audience. “I think I’m still a good player and I think good players sign good contracts,” the hockey player told Pens Inside Scoop in mid-May. I hope we will sign a good agreement. Right now I can only say that I want to play for three or four years. Money doesn’t matter much, but I have a family, I have parents, I want a good future for them.”

Evgeni Malkin

Evgeni Malkin

Photo: Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

In other words, Malkin is ready to lower the price of his services from the current $9.5 million a year. But what is the maximum amount to which he can roll back? And how many clubs are able to give Evgeny more than $ 5 million?

Advertising kings.  Ovechkin and other NHL stars make millions without playing hockey
Advertising kings. Ovechkin and other NHL stars make millions without playing hockey

The Hockey Writers suggests that three teams may have a subject demand for Malkin. The most obvious option is Carolina. In the playoffs, the attack of the Hurricanes looked powerful, but straightforward. The emergence of an experienced striker with excellent vision and passing sense would add variety to such a system. In addition, the Hurricanes have wiggle room with $19.3 million under the ceiling.

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The Hockey Writers Named Three Clubs Evgeni Malkin Could Move To

Los Angeles has even more free money, so the authors of the publication do not exclude Malkin’s move to California. The third possible scenario for the continuation of a career for the Russians, they call “Colorado”. Journalists expect that after the Stanley Cup final, the Avalanche, on the contrary, will not have enough funds for high-profile transfers, and strong players will be needed.

Nevertheless, The Hockey Writers estimates the likelihood that Malkin will continue the affair with Pittsburgh at 85%. Indeed, the refusal of Yevgeny promises the “penguins” a very dubious win, and you can lose a lot. It is difficult to find a more worthy hockey player on the market for adequate money, but there is a high risk of losing the favor of some of the fans and quarreling with Crosby, the face of the franchise in this century.


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