In France, they learned about the furious appeal of Macron after the riots at the Champions League final

French President Macron scolded the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the riots during the Champions League final

PARIS, 1 Jun – French President Emmanuel Macron reprimanded Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin for the fact that the minister failed to cope with the situation with the fans during the final match of the Champions League football, BFMTV reports, citing the French leader’s entourage.
Real Madrid beat English Liverpool 1-0 in the 2021/22 Champions League final in Paris on Saturday to win the most prestigious trophy in European club football. The meeting was overshadowed by clashes between fans, some of whom turned out to be holders of fake tickets, and law enforcement forces. The match started more than half an hour late.
It is noted that Macron was unhappy with the way Darmanin managed the out of control situation with the fans at the Stade de France.
“You can say that he (Macron – ed.) was furious. He called on the Minister of the Interior to become more active and stop saying that the authorities are not responsible for anything,” a source close to the French president told the TV channel.
According to the Canard Enchaîné, Macron called Saturday’s incident “a pathetic, disgraceful spectacle unworthy of France.”
Before the start of the Champions League final, French police fired tear gas at Liverpool fans who were trying to break into the stadium. The corresponding videos were published by eyewitnesses in social networks. According to Agence France-Presse, some fans were without tickets. Footage circulating on the internet shows them climbing over fences, evading stewards and running into the arena. Due to security issues, the game started with a delay of 37 minutes. The Parisian police on the night from Saturday to Sunday detained 105 rioters.
On Monday, Darmanen said that about 70% of paper tickets for the Champions League final, according to a preliminary check, were fake. The country’s Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera believes that the situation at the match got out of control because of the fans of the English “Liverpool” and UEFA’s decision to issue paper tickets for the match. Between 30,000 and 40,000 British fans came to the Stade de France with or without false tickets, she said.


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