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Gymnast Elizaveta Polstyanaya - 1920, 08/06/2022


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MOSCOW, 6 Aug — The National Olympic Committee of Latvia forced to renounce Russian citizenship in order to perform at the World Championships, said gymnast Elizaveta Polstyanaya.
Earlier it became known that the athlete was expelled from the Latvian national team for the world championship in rhythmic gymnastics. The competition will be held in Sofia from 12 to 18 September.

“A week ago, the Latvian Olympic Committee set a condition. Either I renounce Russian citizenship and continue to play for Latvia, or I am expelled from the national team. I have said before that I cannot make such a choice. My family and my friends are in Russia. This is for I was impossible. I was given such conditions, I made a decision. Now I am in Russia with my family, but I can no longer play for Latvia, “Polstyanaya said in an interview with Sport 24.

Polstyanaya was born in Latvia, but received citizenship of the country only in 2018. Since then, she has played for the national team. In the spring of 2022, she was banned from training in Russia. The gymnast fulfilled the condition.


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