IND VS AUS: Kohli-Pujara pair did a wonderful record in the Boxing Day Test


IND VS AUS: Kohli-Pujara pair did a wonderful record in the Boxing Day Test: IND VS AUS: Pujara made seventeenth century in his profession, making the principal session unique, and his name has recorded an uncommon record in this Boxing Day cricket.

The second day of the Third Test coordinate being played on the Melbourne Cricket Ground among India and Australia is additionally looking extraordinary for India. Batting first in the match, group India offered a lot of astonishing batting, and on the primary day, Mayank Agarwal and Pujara put a splendid 50 years, while on the second day Kohli and Pujara approached to bat in front of the 215 Appeared in an alternate shading. Pujara, making his seventeenth century, made the principal session extraordinary, and his name has recorded an exceptional record in this Boxing Day cricket. Then again, Kohli has additionally recorded an uncommon record in the quantity of exhibitions performed in Australia.

In the Boxing Day Test, these Indian players scored a century: Boxing Day Test has a past filled with its own, while in this match, in the event that we talk about Indian batsmen, Pujara has scored a century in this match and has named his name in the rundown of Indian batsmen. Without precedent for this test, Sachin Tendulkar scored in 1999 when he scored 116 runs, in 2003, Sehwag, Kohli and Rahane in 1958 played 169 and 147 keeps running in 2014. Presently Pujara’s name in this rundown Has been included, who are currently playing 102 runs.

Indian batsmen who played the most balls in making the century: If you talk about Australia, the primary name in the Indian batsmen to make the century is Ravi Shastri’s first name, he made a century in Sydney in 307 balls in 1992, in the meantime, Gavaskar finished a century on Adelaide 286 balls while Pujara finished this century in 280 balls. This is the slowest century in Pujara’s vocation.

Kohli did the best: Talking about making the most keeps running in Australia, Sachin Tendulkar’s name is at the highest priority on the rundown, he has scored 1809 runs however now Captain Kohli has broken the record of Laxman’s 1237 runs and had his spot in second place. At this moment they are available in the relentless wrinkle. Fundamentally, till the news was composed, India had scored 277 for two wickets.

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