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Fencing.  World Championship.  Fourth day - 1920, 07/23/2022


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MOSCOW, 23 Jul – The press service of the Russian businessman and former president of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) Alisher Usmanov declared that he was not involved in the letter addressed to the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach, reports Inside The Games.
On Thursday, the publication published the text of a letter from the Russian Fencing Federation (FFR) to Bach. In it, the head of the IOC was called upon to help lift sanctions against Usmanov so that the Russian could return to the post of FIE president. It was noted that the letter was signed by more than 100 national fencing federations.
“Mr. Usmanov played no role in the preparation of the letter addressed to Thomas Bach. Considering Mr. Usmanov’s great authority in the world fencing community and his long history of providing significant assistance to the sport, most national fencing federations, as well as the most numerous fencing confederations, including Asian, Pan American and African, independently sent an appeal to the leadership of the IOC, in which they expressed support for Mr. Usmanov and called on the IOC to help lift sanctions from him,” Usmanov’s press service quoted Inside The Games as saying.
It is emphasized that the FFR also had nothing to do with the initiation of this letter.
“The Russian Fencing Federation did not initiate these actions in support of Mr. Usmanov, nor did it initiate the numerous expressions of goodwill and gratitude that the international fencing community expressed to the man who returned one of the most ancient sports to its former glory and recognition in the Olympic family. Of course, as the National Fencing Federation, whose Board of Trustees is chaired by Mr. Usmanov, the Russian Fencing Federation has joined the broad expression of support and solidarity from the world fencing community.
In March, Usmanov decided to suspend the powers of the FIE president “until justice is restored.” He has led the organization since 2008.


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