In biathlon, July is the height of the off-season and training camps, where athletes lay the foundation for future winter successes. And also – the opportunity to get closer to communicate with the brightest representatives of the Russian team.

The correspondent of the “Championship” spoke with one of the most promising young biathletes in the country. Anastasia Goreeva spoke not only about summer training, but also about her idols, relations with foreigners after February 24, explained why she performed unsuccessfully last season and even told why she had a positive attitude towards Dmitry Guberniev.

“I like that we are under total control”

– Anastasia, most of the summer training camp is over. What are your impressions of working in Artyom Istomin’s group?
– I really like working with him and Vitaly Viktorovich Noritsyn. They complement each other and make us a good training plan. I feel that this plan suits me – it turns out to fully fulfill this load, and I grow day by day as an athlete.

– Last year you were preparing for the season with Mikhail Shashilov. Is it your choice to change training group this summer?
– Unfortunately, I am not an athlete of such a high level to choose the one with whom I work, but I was very glad when Artyom Evgenievich called me in the spring and offered to work with him. I gladly agreed.

– You said that in no race of the last season you failed to show the result you were counting on, and this was also due to summer training. Did you make mistakes this year?
– Apparently, that plan did not suit me, there was a lot of shock work. Now everything is different, and I like that we are under total control – the state of athletes is analyzed, often biochemistry, cardiogram. And if something is a little bit wrong, we are immediately allowed to recover.

– Irina Kazakevich is now training with skiers. Would you like to have a gathering with the ski team? Has there been such an experience before?
No, there was no such experience. But it seemed to me that our preparation last season was almost the same as that of the skiers, and it did not suit me.

Anastasia Goreeva

Anastasia Goreeva

Photo: IzhVintovka Fan Club

“Reztsova has a lot to learn”

– Have you previously worked in a mixed group? Are there any differences from training in the women’s team?
– No, this is the first time. I don’t notice much difference, because we don’t intersect with the guys in training. They often say: “Girls, stop relaxing, let’s work with us.” But for them, this is a uniform work, but for us it will already be developing. It’s still hard for us to adjust to their pace, but I think we will soon succeed.

Is there a leader in the group now that you look up to?
– Yes, just for the guys (smiling). I will not say that we have one of the girls stands out. Unfortunately, Kristina Reztsova is not at the training camp – she looks noticeably stronger than all of us, as it seems to me. She has a lot to learn. But at this training camp, we are all about the same and can only be equal to the boys. They have a technique close to the ideal, you can spy on them, learn something. Coaches explain the technique to us, but when you see a good example, everything is assimilated better.

– You and the female part of the team went to a restaurant. Why didn’t they take the boys with them?
– We called them, but they are such sissies (laughs). A training day has passed – the girls are more cheerful than ever, tomorrow is a day off – they decided to go to eat, drop in somewhere else, and the boys chose to rest with us.
By the way, on the weekend we played volleyball with the guys and lost them a trip to a restaurant (smiling). They gave in as best they could, but we still lost.

Anastasia Goreeva and Larisa Kuklina

Anastasia Goreeva and Larisa Kuklina

Photo: From the personal archive of Larisa Kuklina

– Who is your main organizer of such team exits?
– The main organizer and ringleader is Natalia Gerbulova. She incites everyone to such movements. And it’s very cool that we have such a close-knit team and we can all get together like this, no one is separated.

“Contacts with foreigners cut off”

– How did you take the news about the removal of Russian biathletes from international competitions?
– This became known when we were at the training camp in Italy and preparing for the IBU Cup, we prepared hard, and it was very sad to find out that we were returning home and the international season was ending.

– How do you motivate yourself now, realizing that next season Russia may again not be allowed to participate in international competitions?
– Motivation has not disappeared anywhere, because we also have worthy rivals in Russia, against the background of which we still need to try to look good. And we still have a small hope, a small chance that we will be admitted.

– What result in Russian competitions next season will you consider successful for yourself?
– Of course, ideally, always be in the top three, but I think that a good result will be not to leave the top ten.

– You used to be actively engaged in English. Are you still studying it now?
– Unfortunately, now there is no such strong motivation to learn English. I practically do not do this, for which I scold myself very much.

I graduated from the institute (MGAFK) and was forced to stop English lessons, because I completely immersed myself in my studies. She wrote a diploma herself, and there was simply no time for English. I thought that the defense of the diploma would pass and I would return to classes, but I could not, although a year had already passed (laughs).

What topic was the diploma written on?
– The use of crossfit fitness and health technologies in the training of junior biathletes. I wrote the entire first collection in Sochi last season. It was difficult.

Anastasia Goreeva

Anastasia Goreeva

Photo: RIA Novosti

– Did you have enough knowledge of English to communicate with foreigners at the IBU Cup?
Yes, there was communication. But this, rather, is not a built-up dialogue, but some kind of congratulations. But I can boast that I once gave an interview in English. Even the season before last, there was a very interesting race – I started with the first starting number, showed the first move along the distance and took first place. This race is probably the best in my career. And then I gave an interview in English.

– Are you friends with any of the athletes from other countries?
– Not that we are friends, but we can conduct light correspondence.

– Did they write something after the removal of the Russians? Supported?
– No, all contacts were cut off. And our Ukrainian friends took up arms against all of us, and there was a lot of negativity, although we said that we were simply hostages of circumstances.

“I cried when ours took a medal at the Olympics”

– When you first started training, who was your idol in biathlon?
– Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. Of the women – Magdalena Neuner and Tura Berger. Of the skiers – Alexander Legkov.

– You used to shoot vlogs on YouTube. Why aren’t you channeling now?
– I kept this blog when I was in the junior team. Everything is not so serious there, there is laughter everywhere, there are funny moments. Now, of course, it’s also fun, but we are more and more focused on work, and there is not even an extra minute to mount this blog.

Many people still write: “Nastya, when is the vlog?”, although three years have passed since the last issue (laughs).

Anastasia Goreeva

Anastasia Goreeva

Photo: From the personal archive of Anastasia Goreeva

– You are shooting from a German Anschutz rifle. Are there any problems with its maintenance in the current conditions?
– Not yet, my barrel is not that old, and we have gunsmiths on the team who take care of it, clean it completely. And now no spare parts are required.

– What is the difference between a German rifle and a Russian one for you?
– All my life I have been shooting from the Izhevsk rifle, but last season I changed it to the German one. I didn’t notice much difference in hitting, because I started shooting even worse than I shot before. I don’t know if it’s because of the rifle or because of the training. Maybe all together. But all experienced athletes say that the German rifle hits more accurately and reloads faster.

– If such a need arises, can you switch to the Izhevsk rifle again?
– It’s not so easy, because the Izhevsk rifle and the German rifle need different stocks. I now have a new stock, which was made for me last year by order in Belarus, and I will not be able to return to my old stock.

– What sports, besides biathlon, do you follow?
– I like to watch cross-country skiing – it’s very interesting to watch the technique, and how the layout of the race is going. I also like figure skating, but I don’t understand the rules, it’s just beautiful, and I like it.

When the Winter Olympics were on, I watched everything I had time to do. She did not miss a single ski and biathlon race. I could not contain my emotions, I started crying when our team took the first medal in the mixed relay – I remember, and goosebumps run.

– Sometimes Dmitry Guberniev is called the face of Russian biathlon. How do you feel about him?
– I really like him, and the way he communicates, he knows how to ask tricky questions. He has nothing against mesmiling), and we communicate well with him. In addition, he is from Drezna, I am from Pavlovsky Posad – this is nearby.

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