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IPL 2019: Rishabh Pant’s MS Challenge Challenge, ready to be ready! VIDEO

IPL 2019: You will be surprised by seeing the video of Rishabh Pant, the format that MS Dhoni has challenged.

Team India is preparing for the series with Australia starting on 24 February, and on the other hand, after the IPL’s first two weeks’ schedule was released, the enthusiasm of the viewers and the players was also witnessed about the advent of this season. is. On one hand, where the teams are challenging each other on social media, on the other hand, the players are also making statements about their performance. There is no shortage of excitement in the IPL matches, but a video of Team India’s young player and wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant made a sensation even before the start of this season and has further enhanced the league’s thrill. In fact, Pant has given an open challenge to current team India’s most experienced player and veteran batsman MS Dhoni. These videos are becoming quite viral on social media.

In this video you can see that Rishabh Pant is saying that MS Dhoni is like my teacher. If he was not there, I would not have been wicket-keeper batsman too, but this season I will do such a thing on his team that MS Dhoni will not be able to remain Captain Cool. Though this video has shot Pant in a funny manner, but in the last line, he has also told Dhoni to be ready. In such a case, nowadays it is necessary to see if Dhoni’s team will compete against Chennai SuperKing and Delhi Capitals.

Before this, both of these players will be seen screaming from the same team in the T20 series against Australia which is due on February 24. Let us know that this time the IPL is going to be held from March 23. Chennai Superking and RCB teams will play the opening match of this season. Talking about Pant, Pant has almost convinced his place in the World Cup as the player has shown in the last few months from behind his bat and wicket.

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