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IPL 2019: Which party is the most memorable for RCB?

IPL 2019: Which party is the most memorable for RCB? This is Virat Kohli’s answer: The IPL 2019 is about to begin. Team India captain Virat Kohli is leading RCB in this tournament. Virat has told about his most memorable innings of IPL. Virat says that the 47-run innings that was played in 2010 has shown to many players what I have in my capacity.

IPL 2019: Royal Challenge Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli has revealed his most memorable innings for RCB. Virat says that the innings played against Mumbai Indians in Durban in 2010 is most memorable and special. In this match, Kohli scored 47 runs in 24 balls.

RCB lost to the game’s last ball. Kohli is best at the time when the pitch is broken and the conditions are different to play. In the 2010 match, the conditions were exactly the same when the 22-year-old right-hand batsman played the innings for his team. Earlier, batting first, Mumbai Indians were 165 for 7 wickets.

By the time Kohli was on the pitch it seemed as if the match was in the possession of RCB but after being dismissed by Kohli for 47 runs, RCB lost the match by just two runs. Remembering that innings, Kohli says, “I remember the match of the Champions League T-20, which was played against Mumbai Indians in Durban. ‘

Kohli said, “When no one expected that we would win, I stayed on the pitch for the last time. We had almost won the game almost It was very confident for me to give it. Everyone saw what I can do and praised me. It was a name for me to make the game. Zaheer Khan was doing it the last over. Sachin Paaji was there, Bhajji Paji was there too. All the people saw me there I thought that I have the ability to do better and I can do it. ‘

Kohli is leading the RCB in the 12th edition of the IPL. This time the tournament is being started from the match between RCB and Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings. The first match of the tournament will be played on March 23 between the two teams. Virat has advised all players to be smart and responsible about their fitness before the tournament.

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