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IPL 2020 News: Among the growing Corona patients in India, there is a possibility that IPL will be organized in another country

Last updated on Thursday, 4:08 AM | July 23, 2020

The IPL 2020 event has opened up after the ICC announced that the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in October-November in 2022. Not only the players but also the cricket lovers are eager to organize it. The BCCI is also looking forward to its event.

Among the growing Corona patients in India, there is a possibility that IPL will be organized in another country.

The BCCI did not announce the venue and date until the postponement of the World Cup, yet franchise teams started their preparations in view of the possibility of it being held in the UAE between September and November. Now that the World Cup has moved forward. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the BCCI.

However, Star India, the broadcaster of the matches, has taken a stand for the BCCI that it does not want to see the event come to an end in the first week of November. His aim is to earn more from advertising till Diwali on 14 November and this is possible when the event runs till Diwali.

The BCCI, on the other hand, does not want players to stay away from their homes during the festival. It remains to be seen what the solution of this contradiction can be.

The way players have been troubled for a long time while away from home, they want to return to the field under any circumstances. On the other hand, cricket has started in England. After this, Pakistan is also going to play in England in August.

In such a situation, players from other countries including India are eager to enter the field as soon as possible. Australia too will be on the field soon but for the Indian players, the opportunity to enter the field is IPL. So no matter what the event is, they are waiting.

The condition of cricket lovers is also similar. They also want to enjoy cricket not just in the stadium but sitting in the house. The BCCI, franchisees and all those associated with this event want to get the opportunity to fill their bag with financial benefits as soon as possible. Now it is to see what BCCI decides in the coming days regarding IPL of this season.

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