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IPL 2020 News: The IPL 13th edition can be held from July to September

IPL 2020 News: Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the whole world. Due to this, the speed of the world has stopped.

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Sports are also not untouched by this. It has not yet affected India much compared to European countries, but due to this, the world’s largest T20 tournament the Indian Premier League (IPL) has to be postponed.

However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is trying to find every possible way of organizing it.

In such a situation, whether BCsai will be able to secure IPL in the midst of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak is a big question.

Last Saturday, the franchise owners discussed the matter with BCCI officials and members of the IPL Governing Council. After this, it was revealed as Plan B that after 20 April the number of matches should be reduced.

Now there are reports in the media that there is no such thing as Plan B. There is only Plan A, in which all 60 matches of the tournament are planned to be held.

For this, if it cannot be done now, it can also be done later. If not able to be held in India, it can be held abroad. If all players are not available, it can be organized with some players only.

If we look at the Future Tours Program (FTP) for this year, there are very few matches between July and September. The Asia Cup T20 is to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in September.

During this time Pakistan’s team will play T20 and ODI series at the home ground of Ireland and Netherlands respectively. In August, he will play a Test series in England.

If England and Pakistan are separated, then most of the cricketing countries are not a single match of Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will also take part in the Asia Cup.

Except for the Asia Cup in September, India has to play three ODIs in Australia and 3 T20 series in Sri Lanka before the T20 World Cup.

In 2009, South Africa lasted 37 days against the IPL. If similar dates are available, the IPL can be partially organized in India and abroad. The entire tournament can also be held abroad. However, this will all depend on how Kovid-19 is affected globally?

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