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IPL 2020: Rajiv Shukla refuses to start the tournament even after April 15

Former Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) chairman Rajeev Shukla said on Thursday that it is impossible to start the 13th season of the tournament even after April 15, given the current situation.

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Rajiv Shukla told news agency ANI, “We are hearing that the lockdown period may be extended. In this situation, if you think that the IPL may be held by April 15, then it does not seem possible.”

He said, our priority is to fight the coronavirus. People have to be saved. It will all depend on the government that it decides. Asked if foreign players would be able to participate in the tournament, the former IPL commissioner said, “No match is possible in the current situation. Anyway, there is a ban on foreigners coming to India. ‘

Due to coronavirus, more than 200 countries of the world are locked down. India also has a lockdown until 14 April. However, given the current situation, the possibility of extending its duration cannot be ruled out.

So far, more than 5500 people in the country have been infected with the coronavirus. While 169 people have died. However, 478 people have recovered.

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