IPL 2021 Suspended: BCCI will not get 1700 crores from broadcasters, but the loss is more

After the suspension of IPL 2021, now the talk of the loss of the board is coming out. The board earns an average of Rs. 4 thousand crores from a season. But in the current season, only 29 out of 60 matches could be played and due to Corona (Covid-19), the T20 League had to be postponed. In such a situation, it is estimated that the board may suffer a loss of up to Rs 2500 crore.

A BCCI source said, “We are likely to lose between 2000 and 2500 crores due to the postponement of the league in the middle season. If we talk about the exact estimate, then it will be around 2200 crores. ‘The 52-day tournament was to be played by May 30. There were 31 matches to be held. Broadcasting revenue will be the biggest loser. Matches are being done without fans from last season. Ticket revenue is also being lost to the board and franchisees.

Star had signed a deal for five years for Rs 16,347 crore. That is, when it comes to a match, its value comes to about 54.5 crores rupees. That is, the board will get 1580 crore rupees from 29 matches only from Star. But the absence of 31 matches will result in a loss of about 1690 crores. Similarly, 440 crore rupees were to be received from title sponsors. Due to half the tournament, only half the amount i.e. 220 crores will be received. Apart from this, there will be a similar reduction in the amount received from other sponsors.

The board official said that there will be a loss of at least 2200 crores. Although in reality, the loss will be more. But according to the calculation that can be done, the loss has been estimated. However, the official has not told how much damage it will cause to the franchise. The board also contributes part of its earnings to the franchisee. Franchisees will also get less share if earnings are low.

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