IPL player Anand Rajan, his father is trapped in Iran because of Coronavirus


The most terrible effects of Coronavirus are seen in Italy and Iran after China. Given the growing outbreak of this epidemic, most International flights from countries are closed.

Anand Rajan
Anand Rajan

Rajan, who played for India’s Under-19 team, said that his father has been working in Tehran for the last eight years.

Due to which many people are stuck in the same country. Some Indians are also stranded here, one of whom is the father of IPL playing Indian player Anand Rajan. The father of this Madhya Pradesh player is stranded in Iran, a country that is struggling with this epidemic.

According to the news of Indian Express, ‘Anand Rajan said that the Indian government has brought back many Indians from Iran and they are also hopeful that their father will also return.’

So far, more than 1500 people have lost their lives and 20 thousand have been infected due to Coronavirus in Iran.

Iran is currently cut off from the world at this time. He is struggling with many more problems.

Rajan told that ‘his father told him that the Indian Embassy was only allowing those people to travel, Whose medical examination they are doing themselves.’

Rajan said that but told him or that the embassy does not have the necessary medical kits to deal with it. No international flights are also approved for the next a week.

Anand Rajan tweeted to the Indian Embassy in Iran for help and has also promised that his father would be contacted, but nothing happened till Saturday.

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