Charlo knocked out Castaño. Jermell is the sole king in the Tim Tszyu division

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Jermell Charlo knocked out Brian Castagno

Iron Man became the seventh undisputed world champion.

On the night of May 14-15, in the city of Carson (California, USA), one of the biggest fights of the year in the boxing world between Brian Castagno and Jermell Charlo took place. All four of the prestigious light middleweight championship belts were at stake. The winner takes everything and becomes the undisputed world champion. Last year they tried to identify who is more deserving of this title. But their first fight ended in a draw.

Initially, their rematch was scheduled for March 19, but a month before the meeting, Castaño was injured, due to which the fight was postponed for two months. Recall that Brian Castagno is the WBO world champion. It is along this line that Timofey Tszyu is the official contender. That is, Tim must face the winner of this mega fight. And Charlo holds the other three belts.

Tim Tszyu was knocked down, but defeated the sluggish American.  Before the father still grow and grow
Tim Tszyu was knocked down, but defeated the sluggish American. Before the father still grow and grow

Castaño is 32 years old and has never lost in a professional ring. He has 17 wins and 2 draws. And Iron Man (nickname Charlo – Approx. “Championship”) only once knew the taste of defeat, losing to Tony Harrison. But later Jermell took revenge from him. He also has almost twice as many fights (34-1-1). Probably, because of the experience factor, it was Charlo who was considered the favorite of the meeting. Although in the first meeting, the Argentine looked preferable.

But then there was a small incident that could tip the scales in favor of Charlo. The fact is that Castaño arrived at the arena with a delay, because of which he had to prepare to enter the ring without a margin of time. As a result, their time to start the fight has shifted. This is a very rare case when you have to move the broadcast of the main battle at such a high level.

Castagno and Charlo

Castagno and Charlo

Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The battle began with a leisurely reconnaissance. The picture of the fight can be described in one sentence – Castagno was chasing the goal, and Charlo was running from the opponent along the ropes. This was due to the difference in height, which was 12 cm (!). Castaño worked straight forward, and Charlo tried to take variety. Globally, the duel can be divided into two parts. In the first part there were swings, and in the second half Charlo shot at his opponent and successfully worked from a long distance.

In general, Charlo defended imperfectly. And the attacks of the assertive Castaño sometimes passed. But Iron Man also had a great jab with timing. On the other hand, the Argentine had successful stretches when he managed to break the distance after his attacks. Castaño’s hope was that he would pin Charlo against the ropes, where he would smash him. As a result, we got amazing cuts on a collision course in the third and fifth rounds. Because of what, after the first six three-minutes, you can put up a draw.

Jermell Charlo - Brian Castagno

Jermell Charlo – Brian Castagno

Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

In the second part of the fight, Charlo found the rhythm and began to hit the target more often. And Castaño, on the contrary, often smeared. It looked like he had lost his aim. Although in the ninth round the Argentine returned it to himself. But it turned out to be a one-time flash, as it was all over in the tenth round. Castaño successfully held Charlo’s blows of varying severity for a long time. But from the left hook he was nevertheless led, and from a slight push, Brian sat down.

He was very unsteady on his feet, but the referee gave the go-ahead to continue. And Jermell immediately broke his counterpart with a devastating attack with a left blow to the liver to boot. Castaño struggled to get up, and the judge decided not to continue the countdown, recording a knockout. Jermell Charlo became the first undisputed world champion in junior middleweight history. And in modern boxing history, this is the seventh fighter in a row to unify all four belts.

Recall that Timofey Tszyu is the official contender for the belt according to the WBO. He has a good chance of upsetting Charlo, but he needs to follow the example of Dmitry Bivol for the fight of his life. This will be the toughest fight in the life of an Australian. In fact, now he is one step away from repeating the achievement of his father. And in terms of the number of belts, he will completely surpass him. But there will be no second chance.


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