Kostyanoy is 35! In the opening, Jones finished off his opponent dirty, but the suplex was chic. Video

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Jon Jones – Brad Bernard

Four months after the start of his career, John ended up in the UFC.

On July 19, the legendary Jon Jones turned 35 years old. He has not competed in the octagon since February 2020, when Kostyanoy snatched a controversial victory over Dominick Reyes. After that, he vacated the light heavyweight championship belt and set his sights on the heavyweight division, where the legendary fighter never reached.

Despite neglect and constant misconduct, Jones remains the best fighter in MMA history according to most experts and sports publications. His talent began to show from the very first fight. Even then it became clear that a superstar was on the way. This was in April 2008. John was 20 years old, and he started his way in Fame Fight. As rivals, he was given Brad Bernard, whose record at that time was 0-2.

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And from the first seconds, Jones behaved not like a crude debutant, but as if this was his 10th fight in a row. Immediately after the thrown low-kick, he went behind the opponent’s back and knocked him to the canvas. John came close to finishing the fight with a choke. But Bernard had enough experience of two unsuccessful fights to get out of the shackles of a beginner. However, he failed a standing counterattack, and Brad was tied up in the clinch.

And the next act performed by the debutant was the rarest throw in the MMA environment with a deflection through oneself, known abroad as a suplex. This time, Jones managed to finish off his opponent. The last blow before the intervention of the referee was a football kick on a prone fighter. Immediately after the stoppage of the fight, John was about to leave the octagon, but he was turned around to raise the winner’s hand and present a hefty cup.

And four months after his debut in MMA, Kostyanoy ended up in the UFC, where he made history and became a living legend of this sport. He has the most wins in title fights (14), the title of the best fighter in the league regardless of weight categories, which he held for several years, and a lot of epic fights. Looking forward to a new chapter in the heavyweight division.

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