The Judo Federation of Ukraine announced the withdrawal from all IJF tournaments due to the admission of Russians

MOSCOW, June 24 – The Judo Federation of Ukraine (FDU) on its official website announced its decision not to take part in all tournaments under the auspices of the International Judo Federation (IJF) until the IJF forbids Russians and Belarusians to compete in any status.
Earlier, the IJF canceled all tournaments in Russia due to the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine. At the same time, the organization allowed athletes from Russia and Belarus to take part in international tournaments in a neutral status. Russian judoists will perform at the Grand Slam tournament in Ulaanbaatar, which will be held from June 24 to 26.
“We are deeply disappointed with the IJF’s decision and have decided to withdraw from all sporting events held by the International Judo Federation until the Russian and Belarusian Judo Federations are eliminated from participating in IJF competitions in any status,” the statement said.
“The International Judo Federation has become the first of the international sports federations to grossly ignore the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee,” the FDU said.
At the end of February, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended that sports federations not allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete because of the situation in Ukraine. The previously scheduled tournaments in Russia were also cancelled.



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