Another failure of Canada and a humiliating removal of Germany. The results of the day YUCHM-2022 on hockey

Denis Lutchenko

Denis Lutchenko

Junior Ice Hockey World Championship - 2022

The group stage of the tournament is over – ahead of the playoffs.

On April 26, the matches of the third and final game day of the group stage took place at the 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup in Germany. Let’s summarize it.

Group A

The game between the Canadians and the Czechs in quartet A ended with a loud sensation. Wards of Yakub Petr, who had previously beaten the Germans with difficulty and resignedly lost to the United States, not only forced a fight on the reigning champion, but beat Canada, albeit in overtime.

“Maple” quickly opened the scoring in the match, but then were forced to constantly recoup. In the 50th minute, Canada took the lead 5:4, but the Czechs heroically escaped at the end of regular time through the efforts of Tomas Gamara, and in overtime he also scored a double, bringing his team an unexpected victory.

This defeat was the second for Canada in three group matches – incredible! Maple again failed loudly at this YJWCH, adding this Czech slap in the face to the American defeat. By the way, in this game, the leader of the Canadians, Connor Bedard, kept silent: the young supertalent not only did not score, but did not even score a single point.

Team USA looks like the most powerful team in the tournament so far. Following a major victory over Canada and the on-duty removal of the Czechs, the Americans prepared a real humiliation for the hosts of the YJWCH.

Wards of Adam Nightingale scored three goals already in the first period, and the second one won 5:0. Germany, in front of their spectators, looked simply helpless and, of course, could not change anything in the third period. The US team won a convincing victory and took first place in group A.

Group B

In the other group, the first victory in the tournament was won by Switzerland. The team of Marcel Jenny, who lost to the Finns and the Swedes with the same score 2:6, broke the resistance of Latvia in a stubborn match. The Balts led twice, but the last goal in this meeting in the 51st minute was scored by the Swiss Cyril Pont.

Before the Scandinavian derby, the Finns looked preferable, having taken two matches earlier, while the Swedes disgraced themselves in the game with Latvia and suffered with Switzerland until the third period. However, a face-to-face meeting showed that it does not matter at all what happened before.

“Tre Krunur” during the match brought the matter to a score of 4:1 in their favor, then conceded twice, but kept the final victory for themselves. Thus, the Swedes, who started the tournament with great embarrassment, took first place in their group.

Who will play who in the quarterfinals?

Due to the fact that only eight teams play at the YJWCH 2022, each of them reached the quarter-finals, despite the results of their performance in the group stage. Here are the pairs:

USA – Latvia

Czech Republic – Switzerland

Finland – Canada

Sweden – Germany

The Americans and the Swedes should overcome this stage without any problems – these teams were lucky with their rivals. The Swiss will probably impose a fight on the Czechs, but in the Finland-Canada pair, nothing is clear at all. All quarter-finals will take place on Thursday 28 April.


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