Juventus – Benfica – 1: 2, what is wrong with Massimilliano Allegri’s team, is the resignation of the coach possible, reaction

Juventus has problems: in Serie A since the beginning of the season, the team has won only two out of six matches, and in the Champions League they scored zero points. The home defeat against Benfica (1:2) went down in history – never before had Juve lost in the first two rounds of the Champions League.

Fans booed the team after the match. And on Twitter, the hashtag AllegriOut was in the top ten in the world

The match with Benfica was extremely important for Juventus: it is with this club that the Italian team is fighting for the second line in the group. Expectations, especially after the defeat to PSG in the 1st round, were high – at the home stadium, a victory was simply necessary. But instead, the fans watched as their club lost even more chances to qualify from the group and drowned. Benfica had more possession of the ball (56.1% – 43.9%), delivered more shots on goal (19 – 11) and on target (7 – 3), was more accurate in passes, and globally surpassed ” Juventus. The Italians, although they scored first, gave up the initiative and seemed to be lost on the field. The decisions on substitutions made by Massimiliano Allegri are also confusing: for some reason, after the first half, he removed Arkadiusz Milik, who was the best in the first 45 minutes. Even Angel Di Maria did not understand this decision – after the match he asked the Pole why he was replaced.

The reaction of the fans to everything that happened followed the final whistle: the arena plunged into a deafening whistle. The fan tribune expressed all its indignation to the players gathered in front of it, who, in complete acceptance, listened to the curses flying at them. Bonucci, looking at how the fans were torn from disappointment, could hardly hold back tears.

Leonardo Bonucci

Photo: Frame from the broadcast

“This whistle was justified, what else can I say,” Bonucci commented on what was happening after. – We lost a match that we should not have lost, and it is right that we were booed. We are now in a period where we are struggling to do anything. I’m worried because we often fall out of games. All we can do now is shut up and work. Everyone is to blame.”

For the fans, Allegri became the main culprit of what was happening. Already during the match, the hashtag on Twitter #AllegriOut (#AllegriWon) began to gain defense – by the way, not for the first time. Before that, fans launched it in the spring, then after the defeat from Fiorentina. But this time the wave was so strong that the hashtag flew into the top 10 most popular in the world. The fans have no strength left: they write that it’s time for Allegri to leave on his own, that the team’s weak-willed game can no longer be tolerated, and they also offer to appoint Thomas Tuchel, who has just been released, to replace him.

The media herald the end of the Allegri era. But the coach himself says he’s not going anywhere

Italian newspapers came out in the morning with a narrative similar to that of the fans. La Gazzetta dello Sport described Juventus’ performance as “the end of an era” for Allegri as the manager “used up all the merit accumulated by winning all the trophies and reaching the Champions League final”. The cover of one of the main newspapers in Italy came out with an interesting game of headlines: there “Milan” “for everything”, and “Juve” – ​​”at zero”.

Newspaper front page

The Corriere dello Sport publication has already buried the Turin club: Juve is out of the game. There is no need to use imagination to understand: the team’s path in the Champions League is seriously compromised. To qualify from the group, Allegri’s team must perform feats that, judging by their current game, they cannot do.

Newspaper front page

Tuttosport calls for more than Allegri to be blamed, but does not deny that changes are needed – and needed as soon as possible: “The responsibility of the players is also obvious. And there is no certainty that the change of coach, which more and more fans are hoping for, is the solution to all the problems of Juventus. But something needs to be done quickly, the season is collapsing after only six league games and two Champions League matches. It’s disturbing to see Juventus so ugly, scared, deflated and spineless.”

Newspaper front page

Allegri, despite discussions that it was time for him to retire, assured the public: “I am out of the risk zone.” Sky Sports Italia also writes that, despite the dissatisfaction of the management with the results of the team at the start of the season, there is no talk of changing the coach. Bye.

Juve have problems either with injuries or with psychology. The players are lost

Juventus this year and even more so this season is a boring, faded and seemingly spineless team. There was really nothing left of the once great “old lady”, and this is what the club’s management is most worried about now: there is a great risk that Juve can spend another mediocre season, a lot of money was spent on preparing for it. For a team that has been a hegemon for many years, such a turn is highly unacceptable. But Allegri was returned a year ago for a reason: the man who led the club to five championships looked exactly like the one who could lift the team back to the first line (in the 2020/2021 season, Juve became fourth). But under his leadership, the club did not improve – the same fourth place.

Massimiliano Allegri

Photo: Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Now everything is developing in such a way that it will not be easy for the current Juventus to compete for a place in the top three. Since the beginning of the season in every game there was a glimmer of hope for the best, but everything quickly disappeared. 45 minutes with Roma, 10 with Fiorentina, 15 with Salernitana, 25 with Benfica. If you put it all together, you get one worthy full-fledged match. Allegri’s team almost does not attack; in possession of the ball, tries to find some idea, but often gives back. Most of the actions are done in vain, and the players quickly give up physically – and this was clearly visible in the match with PSG. the players on the field look exhausted and lost, like they’ve already played a whole season in a crazy calendar.

Yes, at the start of the season, Juventus had problems with injuries – there were no Paul Pogba, Manuel Locatelli and Federico Chiesa. But Allegri still had and still has plenty to choose from. Unlike last summer, this time Juve bought eight new players (two on loan: Paredes and Milik). In terms of the quality of the performers, Juventus has a strong team, but it seems that there is no coordination between them. It’s like Allegri has lost the locker room.

While the head coach is given time. But how long must it take for the leadership’s patience to run out? Allegri certainly knows the answer to this question. We can only assume that the club will not endure for a long time.

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