Juventus cannot get rid of Massimiliano Allegri – the head coach has a huge penalty

Juventus have failed the start of the season. The Italian club has won only one victory in the last eight matches. In Serie A, Massimiliano Allegri’s team is in eighth place with 10 points. In the Champions League, Juve lost to PSG and Benfica, which made the task of reaching the playoffs much more difficult.

With such a large-scale crisis, the resignation of the head coach suggests itself. However, Juventus are unlikely to part with Allegri, even if they really want to. According to Corriere della Sera, Bianconeri vice-president Pavel Nedved has already raised the issue of the coach’s dismissal during a meeting with club president Andrea Agnelli, sporting director Federico Cherubini and CEO Maurizio Arrivabene.

Agnelli and Arrivabene did not support Nedved. The main reason for this decision is that Allegri’s resignation will cost Juventus €21m after taxes. Turintsy now are not a “money bag”, so they cannot scatter such amounts.

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Allegri has lost credibility, but he continues to be tolerated

Juventus have problems within the team. The team not only shows a weak game and does not achieve results – contact has been lost between the players and the head coach. Sky Sport Italia maintains that even in such circumstances, Allegri’s dismissal is not considered. The coach’s contract is valid until 2025, so the management is very unwilling to pay more than € 20 million in compensation.

Maurizio Arrivabene says bluntly that they are not going to remove the coach and will continue to endure.

“I expect a reaction from Juventus to failures. Not even reactions, but actions. To change something in the management of the team now would be insane. Problems need to be looked at from all angles. We have experienced difficult years, not only in terms of football. Accusations will not help a club like Juve. You have to work on discipline.

Max has not just a contract, he has a development program for three or four years. The same is true for me. Are you looking for the culprit? Then the fault is mine. If something doesn’t work as it should, my job as CEO is to make it work. We need to work together and look ahead,” Arrivabene said.

Maurizio Arrivabene

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Certain changes in Juventus can still happen, but they do not concern Allegri. According to Football Italia, we are talking about coaches responsible for physical training. A number of major players miss the start of the season due to injury. Do not play Paul Pogba, Federico Chiesa, Wojciech Szczesny, missed a lot of time Angel Di Maria and Adrien Rabiot.

It is the absence of key performers that Allegri justifies the failure of the team. At the same time, the coach quite self-confidently declares that he is not afraid of being fired, and is not going to take responsibility.

“We make mistakes in many parts of the field, make mistakes in passes, many technical mistakes, no counterattacks, we are inferior to the opponent in physics. Now we have a virtual Juventus. I liked the way we worked in the market, but there are no players on the field. Take five starting players from Inter or Milan and see if they get into trouble.

Do you know why I missed the resignation talk? One bad match, and the press writes: “Allegri can be fired.” That’s funny. I missed all the rumors about it. I missed them, I missed them. It suits me that they talk about it. I always have to explain myself. We need to think about work with peace of mind, because we can only improve. I’m confident in our future, so I told the players, “Don’t bother me during the international break. I need to relax,” Allegri said.

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Fans and experts sharply criticize Allegri, in contrast to the management of Juventus

The calmness of Arrivabene and Allegri is not shared by Juventus fans and the football community. Fans of Turintsy demand the resignation of the coach. After the defeat in the match of the 2nd round of the Champions League against Benfica (1:2), the hashtag #AllegriOut (#AllegriWon) entered the trends of social networks.

After the match against Monza (0-1) in Serie A, Allegri was escorted by the police as he made his way to the Juventus dressing room. The anger of the fans is really strong. The expert community also does not spare Massimiliano. Former Juve striker Fabrizio Ravanelli called the team soulless.

“It is difficult to say what the difficulties of Juventus are connected with. In my opinion, this team is in complete confusion: both physically and in terms of the game. She sometimes looks soulless. This Juventus is disappointing from every point of view. Even in the character that has always distinguished a club like Juventus,” said Ravanelli.

Claudio Ranieri, former head coach of the Bianconeri, shares a similar opinion.

“It’s hard to judge, but what I see is a team without enthusiasm and with too many fears. It’s strange to see the Allegri team in this state,” said Ranieri.

Claudio Ranieri

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What could make Juventus sack Allegri?

Still, there is a real possibility that Allegri will not resolve the gaming crisis. If the team does not even beat Maccabi in the Champions League, Agnelli and Arrivabene’s patience may run out and they will spend on a forfeit to the head coach, just to keep some hope of saving the season. Fan pressure should play an important role.

There are several free top trainers on the market right now. Thomas Tuchel is one of them. Rumors linked him to Juventus, but insider Nicolo Schira reports that the ex-Chelsea coach has not yet had any contact with the Turin club. Thomas is closer to an appointment at Bayern if a decision is made to replace Julian Nagelsmann in the coming weeks.

Zinedine Zidane got a chance not to be missed. Need to act immediately

If we pay Allegri € 21 million in penalties, then for the sake of a truly powerful replacement. This could be Zinedine Zidane, who previously included Juventus in the list of four clubs where he is ready to work. There are questions about Zidane’s willingness to take on troubled Juve as the season progresses, but the parties may well come to an agreement through the negotiation process. Zinedine is a legend of the Turin club, the Frenchman has special feelings for him.

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Photo: Massimiliano Allegri

In the meantime, the dismissal of the head coach is not on the agenda. Agnelli and Arrivabene are hoping that Allegri will miraculously resolve the gaming crisis. Perhaps, for some time, Juventus will really change for the better and give out a shock segment. However, in global terms, it is hard to believe in the seasonal success of the Bianconeri under the leadership of Allegri. Most likely, PSG and Benfica will take the first two places in the Champions League group. In Serie A, the fight for the title is also seen as problematic.

An undulating performance with ups and downs is a very bad scenario for Juventus. Under him, Allegri will continue to hold the post of head coach due to the high amount of the penalty. But parting with Massimiliano at a price of € 21 million is also no guarantee of changes for the better, unless a specialist of the level of Zidane or Tuchel comes to the team, who will cost a lot – and it’s not a fact that they will agree to move to Turin at all.

We have to admit that Juventus got into the full program. The situation for the club is almost hopeless. Probably, the 2022/2023 season will be remembered by the club’s fans only from the negative side.

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