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Kapil Dev’s disclosure about Ravi Shastri in front of Suresh Raina

Kapil Dev, who made India the world champion for the first time under his leadership, has made a big disclosure about Team India’s current head coach Ravi Shastri.

According to him, Ravi Shastri did not have talent at all. Kapil made this disclosure during a video chat with all-rounder Suresh Raina. During this, he also took the cricket test of Suresh Raina.

Meaning he asked Raina the same questions related to him. However, Raina could not answer more questions related to himself. Kapil Dev also told that he has spoken to someone for the first time on video in this way.

Kapil Dev started the conversation with Yo-Yo Test. He asked Suresh Raina what is this yo-yo test? Kapil asked Raina to ask you some questions like the yo-yo test. Then Kapil asked what is your ODI cap number? Suresh Raina said 157, however, it was wrong. Kapil told that your ODI cap number is 159.

Then he asked how many international centuries have you scored. Raina replied, nine. On this, Kapil said, you are like me, even I do not know my records. You also do not know your records. You have scored a total of 7 international centuries.

Kapil then asked what is the highest score in international cricket? In Test and ODI, tell us separately. Raina said that his highest score in Test is 123. 116 or something in ODIs. Kapil started laughing at this again.

He said, just like me. You don’t know anything The highest score in your test is 120 and 116 runs in ODIs. He asked how old was he when he made his ODI debut. To this Raina replied that he had turned 17, walking in the 18th.

During this time, Kapil Dev asked that he should tell about any cricketer of his time, who had less talent, but he has given great performance. Like we believed that in our time Ravi Shastri. But there was so much passion and passion in them. Yes, the talent was not so much, but the spirit of fighting and the spirit of performing was very much. Ravi Shastri did not have talent, but saw less people performing more passion than that. Any such player in your time? On this, Raina took the names of JP Yadav of Madhya Pradesh and Gyanendra Pandey of Uttar Pradesh.

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