Karasev: referees are used to making money in Europe, now there is no such income

MOSCOW, May 10 – Russian football referee Sergei Karasev spoke about the financial problems of referees due to the removal of Russia from participation in international tournaments.
In early March, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) published a joint statement with the International Football Federation (FIFA), according to which Russian teams and clubs were suspended from participation in all international competitions for an indefinite period. Later, UEFA clarified that the sanctions imposed do not apply to match officials, including Russian referees, however, at present, referees from Russia will not be appointed to the games of tournaments under the auspices of UEFA.
“The financial issue is on the agenda. For me now it is dominant, for other international players, I think, too. The fees for working at foreign matches are higher than in Russia, and we, in fact, lived on this money, provided for our families. 100 thousand rubles for the RPL game – it’s normal, but referees do not receive appointments every round, and in case of serious mistakes, you can not work at all in the RPL for some time.Many referees have two or three children, they need to be raised.We referee matches in which millionaires play , but we earn incomparably less, “Match TV quotes Karasev.
“The fixed rate in Russia, if there are no appointments, is 26 thousand minus taxes. Enough for doctors, fitness, massage, and so on. But at the same time, the Europa League game is three to five Russian in terms of fee. Conversations (about pensions for referees) were, the management is discussing, I hope they will introduce, but at the moment we have no pensions, no insurance. Honestly, with the cancellation of international matches, the financial issue has risen to its full height. We are used to earning in Europe and living on this money. Now the income is only domestic And it became hard,” the referee added.



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