Seeing Khabib in the octagon is real. He can return revenge for a beaten friend

Alexander Frolov

Alexander Frolov

Khabib's return to MMA

If Oliveira “drives Makhachev into the canvas”, Orel will be waiting for the Brazilian.

The famous Charles Oliveira does not hesitate to look “behind” Islam Makhachev. Although the Russian fighter is even considered the favorite for the championship fight for the lightweight belt, the Brazilian is actively making plans for his future career. In particular, Oliveira has already expressed a desire to meet with Khabib Nurmagomedov several times. The legendary Eagle ended his career two years ago, but the fight with him is still a tasty morsel.

Charles has long dreamed of a big money fight. The Brazilian has challenged Conor McGregor several times, but the Irishman does not appear to be interested in such a development. Then Oliveira switched to another lightweight superstar, albeit one who had long since hung up his gloves. Charles does not hide that he hopes to return Khabib to the octagon through his victory over Makhachev. And he has reason to be hopeful.

Nurmagomedov has always been very attached to his family and loved ones. The death of his father dealt a serious blow to Khabib, and his mother’s request to end his career became decisive. Eagle was called many times to return to MMA, but the Dagestani invariably refused: even the huge money offered by Dana White could not seduce him. It is not surprising that the UFC president soon admitted that the Russian had indeed ended his career.

But Islam Makhachev means much more to Khabib than money. Orel’s best friend has an excellent chance of taking the belt, but we must admit that the duel with Oliveira will be as difficult as possible. The Brazilian has experience in title fights and outperforms his opponent in the standing position, while Charles’s character is also in order. If Makhachev makes at least one serious mistake, Oliveira will literally “torn to pieces” him.

This is where the Brazilian’s chance lies to return Khabib to the octagon. If Charles brutally deals with the best friend of the legend and challenges Nurmagomedov, he may not refuse. Because emotions and friendships mean too much to the Eagle. If Khabib returns to the sport, then only for the sake of revenge for Makhachev. However, let’s hope for the victory of Islam – we need a new champion. Let Nurmagomedov enjoy peace.

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