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Goalkeeper Bude-Glimt and the Russian national football team Nikita Khaikin

MOSCOW, July 26 – The Russian goalkeeper of the Norwegian “Bodø-Glimt” Nikita Khaikin spoke about the difficulties he faces because of his nationality, speaking in the European championship.
“What is it like to be a Russian athlete in Europe now? It’s not easy. The situation is very difficult and it is very painful to watch it every day. I really hope that all this will end in the near future. I just want peace,” The Belfast Telegraph quoted the football player as saying. .
Khaikin also noted that he is striving to make his debut for the Russian national team in an official match, despite the removal of the national team from international tournaments.
“One of my goals remains to represent my home country on the field. When I was called up to the national team, it was a fantastic experience. But everyone always wants more. For example, to play in an official match. I’m working on it,” the goalkeeper added.
Khaikin is 27 years old and has been playing for Boude-Glimt since 2019. Last year, he played 44 matches for the club, and for the first time in his career he was called up to the Russian national team.


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