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Khimki – Nizhny Novgorod – 3: 0, match of the 2nd round of the RPL, Nigmatullin’s mistake and Rudenko’s goal, video, July 24, 2022


“Bringing” the tour to the RPL! Nigmatullin absurdly gave a goal out of the blue. Video

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

The Nizhny goalkeeper can only blame himself. He had plenty of time.

The 2nd round of the RPL turns out to be the brightest! In the next match of the championship, Khimki hosted Nizhny Novgorod. The result – the defeat of the guests, although half an hour before the end of the meeting there were zeros on the scoreboard. But the epic moment changed everything.

The collapse of the “Lower” began with clouding at the goalkeeper Artur Nigmatullin. Goalkeepers sometimes make mistakes under pressure, and after that, many blame the defenders who slip the ball to less technical partners. But the peculiarity of our situation is that Nigmatullin had plenty of time and freedom.

Artur Nigmatullin

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

When the ball rolled towards Nigmatullin, the nearest rival, Alexander Rudenko, was about 15 meters away and was in no hurry to put pressure on him. What happened next is hard to explain. Nigmatullin waited for the attacker to run up to him, and slipped out of the blue. Rudenko did not forgive and sent the ball into an empty net. The most ridiculous goal and, quite likely, the main “bring” of the tour.

The problems of Nigmatullin and Nizhny did not end there. After 20 minutes, the second goal of Khimki was scored by Reziuan Mirzov, and finally there was another “import”. True, this time Nigmatullin was already “helped” by his own partner. Defender Nikita Kakkoev overslept the pressing action from Alexander Lomovitsky, and the goalkeeper tried to send a low pass to the flank instead of an obvious clearance. The result – one more punishment and 3:0. Now Alexander Dolgov has something to remember when asked about the easiest goal in his career.

By the way, Khimki’s start this season can be called perfect. A week ago, the team of Sergei Yuran took away points from the champion Zenit and now has four points in its asset. It is clear that the place in the table at this stage does not matter, but we will fix it anyway: Khimki is now third.

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