On July 24, the match of the 2nd round of the Russian Championship will take place between Khimki and Pari NN. Start – at 15:00 Moscow time. Experts have already made a prediction, they single out Khimki as favorites. You can bet on the victory of Khimki in bookmakers with a coefficient of 2.30. The success of Nizhny Novgorod is estimated at 3.42. For a draw, they give a coefficient of 3.44.

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Bookmaker odds for the RPL Khimki vs Pari NN match on July 24, 2022

Bookmakers suggest that the game of the 2nd round of the Russian Championship Khimki – Pari Nizhny Novgorod will not be productive: the total over 2.5 goals goes for 2.32, and the total under 2.5 goals – for 1.74. If Khimki scores, the odds will be 1.30. The Pari HH goal is available at bookmakers with odds of 1.47. They offer to bet on “both teams to score” for 1.92.

Analysis and forecast for the match of the 2nd round of the championship of Russia “Khimki” – “Pari NN” (24.07.2022)

Khimki near Moscow became the authors of the loudest sensation of the first round, when they took away points from the reigning champion Zenit at the home arena. The match ended in a draw 1:1, but Sergei Yuran’s wards had real chances to even defeat a status opponent. By the will of the calendar, the Khimki team will play the second round at home. Now the opponent is less strong, there is an opportunity to give the fans a holiday. Will the hosts be able to record three points in the standings?

Krasnodar - Spartak.  Red and white will miss.  And the judges have nothing to do with it
Krasnodar – Spartak. Red and white will miss. And the judges have nothing to do with it

Nevertheless, it is worth warning the fans of Khimki against hatred moods. The recently renamed Pari Nizhny Novgorod is a very problematic opponent. The capital “Locomotive” in the starting round greatly underestimated the Nizhny Novgorod team, and now it bites its elbows from the loss of two points. Most likely, we expect a tense game with a minimum of scoring chances.

In the first round, Khimki obviously did not pull for the title of favorite, although they played at the home arena. The fact is that, as we said, they were opposed by the champion Zenit, who really strengthened the roster with top performers by Russian standards. But the charismatic Sergei Yuran will not be scared by matches with big clubs. During his playing and coaching career, he has seen everything, so he prepared the team in a relaxed atmosphere.

During the pre-season training camp, Khimki made a clear emphasis on a set of physical conditions. Experts noted that they are functionally superbly ready for the season. The ability to bring the team to the start of the championship is a strong trump card of Yuran and his coaching staff. Yes, and when completing the squad, the endurance and ability of the players to put pressure on the opponent during 90 minutes of the game were taken into account.

CSKA - Sochi.  One-time action from Fedotov and the army
CSKA – Sochi. One-time action from Fedotov and the army

This can also explain the refusal of the services of experienced Mamaev and Zhirkov. They have important skills for high-class football players, but they no longer have the necessary physical conditions. The meeting of the first round showed that Khimki is on the right track. Although they missed first, because the defenders overslept the flank attack of “Zenith”. After a sharp overhang, free Claudinho quickly dropped the ball to Vendel, who irresistibly punched goalkeeper Ilya Lantratov.

Zenit climbed 10 places in the world ranking of football clubs.

Nevertheless, Khimki’s defense did not allow more dangerous moments to create a furious attack from St. Petersburg. There were good approaches, but things did not come to real threats. In the meantime, the initiative slowly passed to the wards of Sergei Yuran. Although possession remained with Zenit, the Khimki team with sharp and biting counterattacks caused panic in the defense of the national champion.

Towards the end of the meeting, most of the opponent’s players reduced their speed as much as possible and did not think about scoring the second goal. And Khimki, thanks to the efforts of Reziuan Mirzov, who entered the field, equalized the score. After a quick counterattack, the ball darted around the Zenit penalty area, and the midfielder left goalkeeper Odoevsky out of work with an accurate kick into the corner. So Sergei Yuran took points from the champion and instilled confidence in his team.

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Pari NN had to endure pressure from Lokomotiv in the first round. Most experts considered the guests to be outsiders of the game and predicted a major defeat for them. The pessimism of experts was influenced by the story of parting with former coach Alexander Kerzhakov. In the off-season, the team came under the control of Mikhail Galaktionov, but his coaching competence is still not clear.

It is worth noting that the new mentor undertook to reform the tactical scheme of the team from defense. This is quite predictable, but Galaktionov managed to teach the defensive block to work with maximum concentration and not lose ground. Although it was not without gross errors. At times, the defenders took a long time to make decisions and fiddled with the ball. Khimki’s quick attack is likely to be the most dangerous for Pari NN’s defense.

However, if the defense of Nizhny Novgorod is more or less normal, then the attacking game raises big questions for the coaching staff. They carried out only a couple of meaningful attacks, and Krotov’s return goal was made possible thanks to a whole series of railwaymen’s mistakes. It is unlikely that the players of the Pari NN attacking line will be able to break through the strong and well-played defense of the hosts. Moreover, they will not have the disqualified Suleymanov.

When studying the history of face-to-face confrontations, of course, the advantage of the Pari NN players emerges. The opponents had eight meetings: four victories for Nizhny Novgorod, three draws and only one victory for Khimki. However, in the second round Sergei Yuran’s men had a suitable situation to straighten out the skew in the results.

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RB Leipzig v Bayern: Tedesco will show what Lewandowski meant to Munich

It is also striking that the upcoming opponents in eight meetings have never scored more than two goals. It is likely that the trend will continue in the next match. At the same time, Juran’s men look better prepared physically, and they have gained confidence in their own abilities after a draw with the champion.

Plus, in tactical terms, Khimki are more played. Their defense works confidently and the attack block is extremely dangerous. Reziuan Mirzov is an important figure. In our opinion, the bet “Khimki win and total under 3.5 goals” looks quite promising with a confident odds of 2.83.

Forecast and bets for the match RPL “Khimki” – “Pari Nizhny Novgorod” July 24, 2022

If we compare the performance of the teams in the first round, then Khimki’s advantage clearly emerges. They acted confidently with Zenit – at times they even outplayed the champion. At the same time, the history of face-to-face confrontations indicates a potentially low performance of the future game. It is very likely that the opponents will not score more than two goals again, but it will be difficult for Nizhny Novgorod to win.

Bid: victory for Khimki and total under 3.5 goals for odds of 2.83.

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