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Sheldon Jackson (Image source: Twitter)

Kolkata Knight Riders cricketer Sheldon Jackson’s aunt dies from Covid-19

Family member (aunt) of Sheldon Jackson (Sheldon Jackson), who was representing Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), ranked among the top players of domestic cricket, died on Monday due to Covid-19. This 34-year-old batsman played for Saurashtra for a long time but in the last season, he joined the team of Puducherry.

Jackson tweeted, ‘My aunt died this evening. She was happiest when I was selected for KKR this season, so I will stay with the team. I thank all those who helped us in this difficult time and tried to save them. God bless everyone. May the soul of the aunt rest in peace. ‘

A 34-year-old Jackson, a few days ago, sought help to arrange an ICU in Bhavnagar for his illness aunt. He tweeted on Twitter tagging even the DM of Bhavnagar. Later, he thanked BCCI Secretary Jai Shah for his intervention which helped the aunt get medical help.

Sheldon Jackson has not played any matches in the current season of IPL. He last played in this league in 2017, when he scored a total of 38 runs in 4 matches. He has played 76 first-class matches so far and has scored a total of 5634 runs which include 19 centuries and 27 half-centuries.

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