Figure skater Kostornaya announced that she had been vaccinated against coronavirus

MOSCOW, 17 Jan – The 2020 European champion figure skater Alena Kostornaya announced that she had been vaccinated against coronavirus as the first component of the Kovivak vaccine.
“I got vaccinated against coronavirus, so far only the first one. I did Kovivak, and I didn’t observe practically any side effects. My arm ached a little, but not critically. I lifted my backpack and realized that the muscle hurts. Nothing else. I had no fever, no loss of strength, no cough, no snot, nothing at all. It was just that my hand ached for a day and a half. It is absolutely not painful to do the vaccination itself, “Kostornaya said in her video blog on YouTube.
Earlier, Kostornaya, due to a hand injury received in training, did not take part in the December Russian figure skating championship in St. Petersburg, which was one of the stages of selection for the Olympic team. The 18-year-old figure skater reported on January 11 that certain complications had arisen in the process of her recovery from a wrist injury.
“There is no more plaster. Soon I will be able to go on the ice. But not everything is as good with my hand as I would like. It was an unusual fracture, and there are complications. But soon I will go on the ice,” said the athlete.



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