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Krasnodar – Spartak – 1:4, video, goals by Zobnin, Promes, Spertsyan, Mozes, match review, July 23, 2022, RPL


“Spartak” Abascal smashed the opponent. But Krasnodar has two reasons for anger

Anatoly Romanov

The Spaniard’s first victory with the red-whites. Now his team is above Zenit in the table.

Spartak won the first victory under Guillermo Abascal. It turned out to be large – with a difference of three goals.

Serbian midfielder Banjac made his debut in Krasnodar, for whom they paid € 1.6 million – this is the club’s most expensive acquisition in the summer transfer window so far. At Spartak, Moses and Pereira, who have gained form, as well as Litvinov and Sobolev, returned to the base. Umyarov, Zinkovsky and Nicholson sat on the bench, in addition, Rybus missed the game due to disqualification. The new Spanish coach of the red-whites continues to look for the best combinations – until he has clearly decided on the eleven strongest. By the way, Khlusevich covered the left flank of Rybus today, and Denisov played the right defender.

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Krasnodar tried to talk to Spartak from a position of strength. In the first minutes, the team of Alexander Storozhuk put great pressure, so the Muscovites hardly left their half of the field. Playing 4-3-3 against 4-4-2 for the red-whites, the “bulls” had an advantage in the center of the field and had more possession of the ball (about 60% in equal compositions). Newcomer Banjac showed that he can think quickly and move the ball well, moreover, the Serbian master of set pieces was given corners in Krasnodar, although Mihailo has been in the team for a week without a year. And the fast legs of the left winger Olusegun turned Denisov’s head: the Nigerian, being a player in the attack group, became the second in the number of touches of the ball (33) at Krasnodar by the break.

Spartak lured the opponent into pressing and hoped for quick attacks. Sometimes it was very risky. For example, once Selikhov almost brought it, having come under pressure from Cordoba. Then the same Cordoba, having robbed Litvinov’s midfielder (Chernov set him up with a bad pass), organized a three-on-two attack – Olusegun hurried with a blow. In general, Krasnodar looked more interesting, moreover, Spartak could have been left with ten men due to the removal of Sobolev. The center forward played for a second yellow card for hitting an opponent in the face with an elbow and unsportsmanlike behavior, but referee Levnikov felt sorry for Alexander. But in the 37th minute, the St. Petersburg referee did not spare Chernikov. There are questions about this episode too: did the tough defensive midfielder deserve to be sent off for slapping Moses on the shoulder? An experienced Nigerian beautifully performed everything – the referee believed him.

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By that time, Spartak had already won. The success of the red and white brought a well-thought-out and played standard. A running jump and a discount from Pereira gave Zobnin a goal. Abascal’s team also won after the first half – 8:6 (on target – 2:1). Starting hard, the Russian Cup winners managed to turn the game in their favor.

As soon as the second half began, Krasnodar, having run forward with ten men, monstrously failed in defense. Sobolev forced defender Borodin to make a mistake, and Khlusevich, who picked up the ball, cut the pass to Promes. Quincy played brilliantly in the penalty area, recalling that individually he is one of the strongest players in the Russian championship.

After the break, Storozhuk’s team finally lost their balance – and Spartak tore apart Krasnodar on counterattacks. In the episode with the third goal scored by the red-and-whites, Sobolev did the main work. You can count this goal as Borodin’s “auto”, you can write it down as Zobnin. Perhaps the second is better. Because in this case, the center forward of the red-and-whites will receive a well-deserved point for an assist.

Only when the score was 0:3 did the judge in the key episode make a decision in favor of Krasnodar, and even then not immediately. Levnikov did not record a foul in Selikhov’s penalty area, but after watching the replay, he still set a penalty. The referee determined that Denisov’s hand, which was hit by the ball, was in an unnatural position.

Hardly anyone believed that one goal from Krasnodar would change the scenario of the game and revive the intrigue. To score three goals with ten men is a miracle that happens once every twenty years, I guess. “Spartak” calmly defended itself and continued to catch the “bulls” on the counterattacks. However, realize your chance Volkov, and the impossible for the “bulls” would be possible. But this did not happen, and 10 minutes before the end, Krasnodar missed – Moses scored the second round in a row.

Naturally, “Spartak” interrupted “Krasnodar” in the second half (12:8, on target – 7:2). What cannot be taken away from Abascal’s team at this stage of his work is the ability to use free space. Sobolev even scored the fifth goal, but Levnikov rightly canceled it because of a foul on Safonov.


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