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Krasnodar – Spartak, June 23, RPL: ​​referee scandal, why Levnikov did not remove Sobolev and removed Chernikov


“The referee was supposed to remove Sobolev, but “killed” Krasnodar. New RPL scandal with Spartak

What will Zarema Salikhova say now?

Krasnodar looked great against Spartak in the first half. Everyone is already accustomed to seeing a young team that achieves results. Therefore, there was definitely no particular fear of Spartak. The team created several chances and potentially won by one goal. But in parallel, events took place that pushed the hosts away from changing the numbers on the scoreboard.

At the 20th minute, Alexander Sobolev played very rough against Alexander Chernikov, trying to take the ball away. Levnikov without hesitation took out a yellow card – an obvious foul and a natural punishment. Another ten minutes passed, and Sobolev could well have received a second one. Submission from the flank, the attacker won the fight and shot towards Safonov. The goalkeeper took the ball without any problems. But the interesting began later – Cordoba noticed that during the jump, Alexander hit Litvinov with his elbow. The Spartak player did not like this very much, and he aggressively attacked the opponent. Two potential reasons for a second yellow are an elbow and unsportsmanlike conduct. Levnikov ignored the episode.

Almost in the next attack, Spartak scored, and two minutes later the referee showed a strange red to Alexander Chernikov. The Krasnodar player entered into an aggressive fight with Moses, hit him between the legs and touched his shoulder with his hand. The opponent, of course, fell in misery. A red card immediately appeared from the referee’s pocket.

Here are the words of the referee Igor Fedotov on the evaluation of the episodes.

“Sobolev had to show a yellow card for using his hands in the fight for a riding ball. He hit the opponent with his elbow, it should have been the second yellow card. Chernikov was removed incorrectly. We focus on the ESC, who said that Shelia did not beat, but pushed Sobolev in the first round. Chernikov was not here, but pushed Moses with his foot in the thigh, and then simply stroked the opponent’s hand. This is not a red card. As a result, the referee had to leave Spartak with ten men without Sobolev, and in the end he “killed” Krasnodar,” he told the “Championship”.

Interestingly, this is the fourth red for Chernikov since the beginning of last season. No other player has more than two suspensions during that time. Chernikov is also the RPL leader in yellow cards since the beginning of last season (11). So in this episode, his reputation may have worked against him.

Photo: spartak.com

And for Spartak, a scandal probably worked in the last round, when the club was very unhappy with the work of the referee in the match with Akhmat. Now the decision is in their favor. Zarema Salikhova is certainly pleased.

But perhaps not completely. After all, in the second half, a penalty was awarded to Spartak. Fedotov believes that it is true: “The decision to appoint a penalty kick against Spartak is correct. Why did Denisov raise his hand? Put your foot, your head, but don’t raise your hand! Yes, there was a rebound, and then the ball hit the hand, which was in an unnatural position. The correct decision is to award a penalty kick without showing a yellow card.”



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