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Grzegorz Krychowiak - 1920, 08/08/2022

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MOSCOW, 8 Aug – The Polish football player of Krasnodar Grzegorz Krychowiak, who plays for the Saudi club Al-Shabab on loan, supported the decision of his compatriot defender of the Moscow Spartak Maciej Rybus to continue playing in Russia.
In June, the Polish Football Union announced that Rybus, after moving to Spartak, would not be called up to the national team. It was noted that the player will miss the World Cup in Qatar. The agent of the 32-year-old football player stated that the defender made the decision to stay in Russia for security reasons and for the good of the family. In 2018, Rybus married a Russian woman.
“Matsei is more connected with Russia than I am. He has been living there for a long time, he has a Russian wife and children. For him, this is a second home. At some point, everything will return to normal. In the longer term, who knows if he will not solution is better than if he forcibly turned his professional and personal life upside down. No, none of the guys (in the national team) condemn him. I called Maciej and supported him. I treat him like a friend, and I know that it was not easy for him,” Krychowiak was quoted by sportowefakty.wp.pl.
“The disappointment and nerves that we accumulate in ourselves can be poured out, for example, on a guy like Rybus. This is nothing more than using an easy target for action. As I said above, not everyone can afford to completely change their life”, Krychowiak added.
Rybus began playing in the Russian Premier League in 2012, when he moved from Legia Warsaw to Akhmat Grozny (then Terek). In 2016, he left Akhmat and became a player in the French Lyon, but returned to Russia a year later, signing a contract with Lokomotiv Moscow. The defender has played 66 matches for the Polish national team.


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