Kucherov got angry with the employee "Tampa" and threw gloves at him

The player “Tampa” Kucherov was angry with the outfitter who did not change his stick

MOSCOW, June 27 – Russian forward “Tampa Bay Lightning” Nikita Kucherov had an argument with a member of the staff of the club during the sixth game of the final series of the Stanley Cup against the Colorado Avalanche.
25 seconds before the end of the third period, Kucherov drove up to the bench and demanded to give him a new stick to replace the one that the player had broken earlier in the episode. However, the outfitter did not provide the Russian with the necessary equipment in time, which greatly angered the hockey player. Enraged by the work of the staff, Kucherov, in the heat of rage, threw his leggings at the equipment manager and shouted at him. Having lost time, the striker missed the opportunity to support the Lightning’s attack.
The meeting ended with the victory of “Colorado” with a score of 2:1. The Avalanche won the fourth game in a series of six (4-2) and won the Stanley Cup for the first time since 2001. Champion of the last two seasons, “Tampa” made it to the finals for the third time in a row, but could not extend the winning streak.
Kucherov in the match against Colorado chalked up two shots on target and two power moves. In six games of the series, he scored 4 points (1 goal + 3 assists).


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