Kyrgyzstan – Russia – 1: 2, friendly match of national teams, comments by Valery Karpin, Sobolev and Komlichenko, reaction

The Russian team returned with a victory. In a friendly match, which was the first for our players since last November, Valery Karpin’s team defeated Kyrgyzstan not without difficulty. And after the match, the head coach and some of the players answered questions from journalists.

The ban had a terrible effect on the Russian team!  The match in Bishkek is a real torment
The ban had a terrible effect on the Russian team! The match in Bishkek is a real torment

Karpin responded to critics and refused to discuss the possible transition of Russia to the Asian Football Confederation

The head coach of the national team spoke at a press conference. Below are his words.

Valery Karpin

Valery Karpin

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

About the national team of Kyrgyzstan

– I have to follow my team. But I liked Kyrgyzstan. Play fast forward.

Will there be a match review? We do not plan an additional meeting for this. We’ll figure it out at the next meeting.

“We drank and I stayed.” How the Russian coach got into the national team of Kyrgyzstan

About the mood and composition

– There is no critical mood. Many things didn’t work out. As I said before the game, it was important to look at the players at this level. So there was a review. Many newcomers: some better, some worse. Happy with this view. The game has some bugs. This is clear.

On criticism of the national team

— Critics? They were, are and will be. Would you play 6:0? They would say: “Who did you beat?” It was the same with Cyprus. Our task was to see, to win. Remember what national team matches are. I won’t name anyone by name.

About Safonov, who was the only one who played the entire match

– Why Safonov was not replaced? This is the decision of Vitaly Vitalievich (Kafanov, goalkeeping coach. — Approx. “Championship”). All questions to him.

About future matches of the national team

– Three days ago, Kyrgyzstan and I did not understand whether there would be a match or not. Future matches? They say let’s play. If they don’t say we won’t play.

On a possible transition to AFC

– I don’t look at him. I prefer not to fill my head with things that do not personally depend on me. At the moment, nothing is clear.

Sobolev got high from playing for the national team and appreciated the importance of victory

The striker played the entire first half and was substituted at half-time. Sobolev scored a goal from the penalty spot. That’s what he said.

Alexander Sobolev

Alexander Sobolev

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

About the match with Kyrgyzstan

– Super, I liked everything. A full stadium, albeit a small one. The lawn is not the best quality, but it fades into the background. Today is a holiday in the city, in the country, so only positive emotions.

On the importance of victory

– The result today was not important. Just got together, played – a holiday. We didn’t even look at the results today.

On the emotions of playing for the national team

– The best emotions from playing for the national team. It’s cool because you represent your country. Yes, in friendly matches, but you are in the national team – for me, it’s a thrill.

Komlichenko joked about the connection with Utkin and the victory

Nikolay replaced Sobolev at half-time, and in the second half he had a scoring chance, which he did not convert. On the other hand, he marked himself as an assist to a partner in Rostov, Daniil Utkin, who scored the winning goal. Komlichenko’s word.

Nikolai Komlichenko

Nikolai Komlichenko

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

About the atmosphere at the stadium in Bishkek and the result

— The atmosphere was great, I was well received in Bishkek. Thanks to all local fans.

Could a draw be called a failure? Don’t know. As they say, if my grandmother had (laughs)…

About the game of the Russian team and their emotions

– Regarding the game: I wanted to show the best and most beautiful football, much more productively. I know that we can, but, unfortunately, for some reason it did not work out. It’s good that we won. I think everyone has something to work on.

Am I satisfied? If he had scored, it would have been better.

About the connection with Utkin

– It turns out that the connection with Utkin is working again. Now, at the international level, no one can oppose anything to her (laughs).

“Karpin had six words.  And I instantly rebooted.  Interview with Komlichenko
“Karpin had six words. And I instantly rebooted. Interview with Komlichenko

About the quality of the field

– The field is not of the best quality, but the opponent played on the same field. This cannot be an excuse today.

About criticism

What would you say to critics? I wanted to show a more productive game. I understand all the fans. Will be working.

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