Lala Kramarenko won the ribbon and clubs exercises at the tournament in Minsk

MOSCOW, 24 July – Russian Lala Kramarenko won the ribbon and clubs routine at the Crystal Rose Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament in Minsk.
Anastasia Salos, a representative of Belarus, won silver in ribbon exercises, and Russian Maria Pobedushkina won bronze. In exercises with clubs, the second place was taken by the Belarusian Alina Gornosko, the third place was taken by the Russian Arina Averina.
In the exercises with a hoop, Salos won, Kramarenko – the second, Gornosko – the third.
In exercises with the ball, Gornosko took first place, ahead of Salos and Russian Dina Averina.
The competitions in Minsk were held according to the rules of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). Earlier, FIG suspended Russian and Belarusian athletes from competitions under the auspices of the organization in connection with the events in Ukraine.


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