MOSCOW, 24 July – Barcelona president Joan Laporta believes that Argentine striker Lionel Messi can still return to the team.
Messi is a player for French side Paris Saint-Germain, which he joined in 2021 after 18 years at Barcelona.
“Messi was everything for Barcelona, ​​he was probably the best player in the history of the team, the most effective, only comparable to Johan Cruyff. But one day it had to happen. I think Messi’s head at Barcelona is not over yet. And our job is to make sure this chapter, which is still open, can have a better ending,” Laporta was quoted as saying by ESPN.
“As president of Barcelona, ​​I think I did what I had to do, but on a personal level, I feel indebted to him,” he added.
Messi is a seven-time winner of the Golden Ball. Almost all of his career he played for the Spanish “Barcelona”. The Argentinean is the champion of the “blue garnet” in terms of the number of official matches played (778) and goals scored (672). As part of Barcelona, ​​Messi won ten times the champion of Spain, seven times – the owner of the Spanish Cup, won the Champions League four times.


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