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Leicester City vs Manchester City 0-1 Last night

vs : Manchester City lost to Leicester City 1-0 last night. Brazilian star Gabriel Jesus scored.

Leicester City, Manchester City, Leicester City vs Manchester City
Leicester City vs Manchester City (Image source: Twitter)

Pep Guardiola’s squad is set to take on Real Madrid in the Champions League on Thursday.

Liverpool is far ahead with 76 points. It is worth noting that Manchester City, who are 19 points behind them or 26 points behind Leicester City, will not be able to win the Premier League title if there are no major events.

It would, therefore, come as no surprise if City were given more importance to the Champions League than the League. The city will face Real Madrid in the second round of the Champions League next Thursday. Gabriel Jesuits-Riyad Mahrez prepared the match well before the match.

The city has strengthened its second place in the points list by beating Lester City 1-0. Gabriel Jesus scored. Assisting in the goal was Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez.

But if Argentina striker Sergio Agero missed the penalty, it would not have been so difficult to win the city. The city got the ball from Lester’s Belgian midfielder Denis Pratt in the 60th minute in the penalty box.

But the penalty for making a big score for city players! Gabriel Jesus, Iluka Gundogan, missed the penalty more often than before. Aguero could not apply a penalty from the penalty line.

However, he did not allow Janes to agitate. The Brazilian star scored a goal in the 80th minute on a pass from Riyad Mahrez when Aguero entered the field. Before mid-day, Riyad Mahrez hit the ball and made a pass from inside the D-box. Jesus ensured victory with a close post on the first touch down.

Lester also did not get a chance in the entire match. James Madison and Jamie Vardy had two chances, with Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson not scoring well.

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