Shlemenko: liters drunk by Alexander Emelianenko will affect the boxing fight against Datsik

MOSCOW, May 11 – Russian MMA fighter Alexander Shlemenko said that the lifestyle of Alexander Emelianenko will affect his fight with Vyacheslav Datsik under the rules of boxing.
Earlier it became known that Emelianenko and Datsik signed a contract for a boxing match. The meeting will take place at the VTB Arena in Moscow in September 2022.
“I know both fighters personally. I have already said that Slava looks preferable to me. Because he lives a sober life and becomes stronger every day, develops. So I support him in all endeavors. Alexander, judging by his lifestyle, can approach the fight not in an optimal state. Even if he takes the preparation as seriously as possible, the liters he has drunk cannot but affect his condition. Will the fight be interesting for the audience? In any case, I’m going to watch it, “said Shlemenko.
Emelianenko is 40 years old, he is the younger brother of Fedor Emelianenko. He has 28 wins and nine losses in MMA. In November 2019, he defeated weightlifter Mikhail Koklyaev in a boxing match.
Datsik in mixed martial arts won six fights and lost eight. On account of the 45-year-old athlete five boxing matches over the past two years (4-1).



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