Liverpool v Villarreal: the beginning of the end of Emery’s Champions League tale

Pyotr Kondakov

Pyotr Kondakov

Liverpool - Villarreal, predictions and bets

Klopp is lucky, there will be no Bayern. The Spaniards already jumped above their heads.

April 27 in England will host the first semi-final match of the Champions League “Liverpool” – “Villarreal”. And if everyone expected to see the team of Jurgen Klopp in this meeting, then the Spanish club is a real sensation. Unai Emery’s wards have already passed Juventus and Bayern, for sure they will try to add Liverpool’s scalp to their collection.

Which channel will show the match between Liverpool and Villarreal?

Bookmakers, however, believe that the Spanish club will not succeed. You can bet on the victory of Liverpool with a coefficient of 1.26, and on Villarreal they give 12.50. You can bet on a draw for 6.20. As for the quotes for reaching the final, here they offer a coefficient of 1.14 for the British, and 6.20 for the Spaniards.

Liverpool are good. But the recession must be

Liverpool continue to count on 4 trophies at once at the end of the season! One already exists – the League Cup. In the FA Cup, Jurgen Klopp’s team reached the final, and in the Champions League – already to the semi-finals. The most difficult thing is in the Premier League, there is a gap of 1 point from Manchester City with 5 rounds to go. Quite a bit, but there is a decent chance that Josep Guardiola and his team will not make such a misfire for Liverpool.

Yes, and the Mersisadians themselves can be mistaken. Their cool stretch has been going on for almost 5 months now, losing to Liverpool for the last time back in 2021. The recession will have to come sometime, but perhaps it will happen after the end of the season? Laughter with laughter, and the swing for 4 titles is very serious. There are a couple of steps left to each of the 3 remaining ones.

So far, Liverpool have been lucky in the Champions League playoffs. Inter and Benfica are a very comfortable way. The scheme in both cases was the same – a victory on the road with a difference of 2 goals and a game on the score at home. Now the first match at Anfield and the Merseysiders will do everything to go to Spain confident in the final success.

Villarreal focused on the Champions League

How cool Villarreal play in the Champions League, just as gray in the Example. 7th place and, in general, there is no chance of a place in the top 4 at the end of the season. True, right now Emery’s team is on a series of 3 matches without defeat.

Zhuravel called the main advantage of Real Madrid over Manchester City.

Unai Emery is a cup coach. Just like that, the Europa League is not won 4 times. And this season, the specialist captivates everyone with a game in the Champions League. And if the victory over Juventus was perceived as a surprise, but nothing more, then the success in the confrontation with Bayern is already a real sensation. Victory at home, and they scored one, or maybe 3, and then a confident game on the road. And a goal when everything seemed to be going to overtime.

Iron discipline – and cool smashing counterattacks. These are the principles of the game of the Spaniards and at Anfield they will certainly try to adhere to them. However, their task in England is more likely to simply survive.

What to bet on?

The victory of Liverpool is read, nevertheless, according to most experts, Villarreal have already jumped above their heads, reached their ceiling. But the coefficient is meager – 1.26.

Yes, the British look much better in attack than in defense, but there is a feeling that the Spaniards will have no time for attacks in this meeting. To withstand, not to miss too much, to leave yourself chances for a positive outcome before the second leg. Therefore, it is reasonable to bet that Villarreal will not score with a coefficient of 1.95. The reverse outcome, by the way, goes for 1.85. An alternative is a bet on “both teams to score – no” with odds of 1.79.

But not to lose big – the task for Emery’s wards is quite solvable. From Juventus and Bayern in 180 minutes they missed only once, so why should there be several times more with Liverpool? It makes sense to bet on the victory of Villarreal with a handicap (+2.5) for 1.41. The coefficient is small, but reliable.

How long will Unai Emery’s tale last? The question is interesting and at least half we will know the answer to it very soon. Good luck bidding!

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Manchester City - Real Madrid.  Too bad it's not the final!
Manchester City – Real Madrid. Too bad it’s not the final!


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