On April 27, the first match of the 1/2 finals of the Champions League “Liverpool” – “Villarreal” will take place. The game starts at 22:00 Moscow time. The bookmakers have already given a forecast, they consider the hosts to be the favorites: you can bet on the victory of the British in bookmakers with a coefficient of 1.31. The success of the Spaniards is estimated by experts at 10.25. Bets on a draw are accepted for 6.10.

Where will the match between Liverpool and Villarreal be shown?

Bookmakers’ odds for the Champions League match between Liverpool and Villarreal on April 27, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the Liverpool-Villarreal match will be productive: the total over 2.5 goals goes for 1.60, and the total under 2.5 goals goes for 2.28. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.06. Away goal is available at bookmakers with odds of 2.04. You can bet on both teams to score for 2.22.

Analysis and forecast for the match of the 1/2 finals of the Champions League “Liverpool” – “Villarreal” (27.04.2022)

April 27 will be the first semi-final match of the Champions League between Liverpool and Villarreal. The English team got to this stage, by and large, without much adventure. The Spanish club, however, obtained such an opportunity, having won sensational victories over Juventus and Bayern at the previous stages. What will be more effective now – quality or hardening in battles?

Man City - Real Madrid.  Fonbet forecast: Ancelotti and Guardiola will support the trend
Man City – Real Madrid. Fonbet forecast: Ancelotti and Guardiola will support the trend

Liverpool are in second place in the Premier League table. At the same time, only one point behind the leading Manchester City. Competitors fight for gold medals, go head to head and are morally fueled by rivalry. Compete in stability, cunning and quality of football.

Carlo Ancelotti called Guardiola a great innovator of football.

Despite the fact that over the past 13 matches in the Premier League, the Merseysiders have not suffered a single defeat with only one peaceful outcome (just with the “citizens”), it is not yet possible to identify a favorite in this duel. Although Jurgen Klopp’s sidekicks recently beat Man City 3-2 in the FA Cup semi-finals. Perhaps, and in the championship will be able to overtake the opponent.

All the prerequisites for this are there, as Jurgen Klopp amazingly uses the capabilities of his charges and develops their strengths. For example, Luis Diaz joined the team from Liverpool in winter. The forward replenished the already huge personnel reserve. And quite successfully.

Washington - Islanders.  Don't even need Alexander Ovechkin
Washington – Islanders. Don’t even need Alexander Ovechkin

It would seem that in the presence of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Diogo Jota, another striker is absolutely not needed. Plus, there is also Roberto Firmino and Divock Origi, who was recently praised by Jurgen Klopp for his contribution to the victory in the last round of the Premier League match with Everton (2:0). The coach noted that the player does not always enter the field, but always brings results.

However, Luis Diaz quickly adapted to the rhythm of the English championship and brought a lot of benefits to the reds. The striker took part in nine meetings in the Premier League, where he scored three goals and provided two assists. The striker also chalked up a goal and an assist in the first match of the 1/4 finals of the Champions League with Benfica (3:1). Does Villarreal have a chance of success in this scenario?

The club from the city of Villarreal is on the seventh line in the standings of the championship of Spain. From getting into the Champions League it is separated by an abyss of nine points. However, performances in the championship do not at all reflect the mood of its players, who have thrown all their strength into succeeding in the Champions League.

Minnesota - Arizona.  Kirill Kaprizov will drive the NHL outsider into depression
Minnesota – Arizona. Kirill Kaprizov will drive the NHL outsider into depression

At the stage of the 1/4 finals of the European tournament, the “yellow submarine” made a sensation, beating the powerful Bayern Munich (2: 1) on the sum of two meetings. In the first match at the home stadium, the Spaniards looked much more interesting than the Germans. Actively went forward and miraculously did not score more than one goal. But in the return confrontation, frankly speaking, they were lucky.

Kavazashvili: Fedun doesn’t know how to work with people.

In 90 minutes, they delivered only one shot on target, which became decisive as a result. It is worth noting that Unai Emery went for a little trick. Before the return match with the Bavarians, his wards were scheduled to meet the 31st round of La Liga with Athletic Bilbao. The coach did not release a single player of the main squad for this match.

In fact, Villarreal managed to defeat Bayern by playing the second number, strictly from defense. In the 1/8 finals of the Champions League, Juventus (4: 1) overcame the sum of two meetings in an identical way. Turintsy looked like the favorites, and there was no doubt about their success. But the Spaniards, thanks to the luck and efforts of Jeronimo Rulli, managed to play the second leg “to zero” and turn its course in their favor.

Despite the intransigence of the “yellow submarine”, we think that the Merseysiders will still win and score a lot. They have a ton of high-scoring players in their arsenal, unlike Bayern, who relied heavily on the skill of Robert Lewandowski. Plus, the meeting will take place at Anfield, where the Reds have not suffered a single defeat in the current Premier League draw with three draws.

Manchester City - Real Madrid.  Too bad it's not the final!
Manchester City – Real Madrid. Too bad it’s not the final!

On top of that, the Liverpool team have amazing statistics: in 33 matches of the championship of England they scored 85 goals – the most. Moreover, four of them flew into the gates of Manchester City, which has the most reliable line of defense in the championship. Also, do not forget about their effective victory over the “citizens” in the FA Cup. Let’s take “W1 + TB 2.5 balls” as a factor of 1.90.

Forecast and bets for the match of the Champions League “Liverpool” – “Villarreal” on April 27, 2022

Due to the competent management of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool succeeds in the Champions League, FA Cup and the Premier League. At the same time, he demonstrates amazing performance and plays strictly to win in all these competitions. Villarreal should be given credit for their efforts and amazing strong-willed qualities, but they are unlikely to succeed in Liverpool, the opponent is too strong. We think the hosts will win and there will be a lot of goals.

Bid: Liverpool win + total over 2.5 goals for odds of 1.90.

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